5 Fun Ways to Have a Quince During the Pandemic

If your quinceanera was canceled due to COVID-19, we know how you feel. We want to assure you that your big day doesn’t have to be ruined because of the pandemic! We’ve reached out to several quinceaneras that shared their tips and ideas on having a safe party, how they got through it, and had fun!

Your dream day will come, and trust us when we say it will be one of the most amazing days in your life.  Remember, be patient! Everything will fall into place, but meanwhile here are 5 quinceanera alternatives during coronavirus!

Throw a Drive Through Quinceanera!

One of our Mi Padrino users, Bella, sent us pictures of her daughter Carlie’s Quinceañera drive through parade. This is a creative way for guests to make an appearance, and for the quince queen to rock her dress!

  • Have the quinceanera sit in her driveway with her dress on, with decor all around her. 
  • Have her court join as well (social distancing of course!).
    • They can be in charge of holding signs.
    • Make sure sure to check your local laws to make sure you won’t get in trouble for a gathering!
  • Have guests honk and beep when they pass by! 
  • Guests can bring gifts, candy, or flowers and leave them at the end of the driveway.
  • You will probably want a table nearby to keep any gifts or flowers the quince receives!

Check out Carlie’s drive through XV! 

Throw a Glamping Trip Quinceañera

Another Mi Padrino family reached out to us with some great advice about the real meaning of the quince.  Lynnette worked so hard to create a beautiful glamping (glamorous camping) party for her daughter Karyn.

“It was not what we planned for, but we did our best. The most important thing at your quince is to have your family together, celebrating with you in good times or hard times.” Lynnette is so right!

  • Have your glamping party in the backyard with your family!
    • Inflate and decorate the place with balloons & signs
    • Get a custom banner to hang
    • Bring board games
    • Make custom t-shirts
    • Bake a cake (Ask your cake vendor if you can use the cake stands!)
    • Have your family bring old pictures to look through
    • Just enjoy time with your family

Check out Karyn’s Glamping XV! 

Throw a Virtual XV!

  • Use either Zoom or Facebook Live to host your quinceanera
  • Decorate your home like you would have decorated your venue
  • Invite your guests to your party online!
  • Traditions you can do online:
    • Cambio de Zapatillas
    • Daddy Daughter Dance
    • Brindis Speeches
    • Sing Las Mañanitas! (Where are the virtual mariachis at?!)
    • Virtual dances with your court



Create a Fun Quince Related Tik Tok!

Step One: Throw on the dress you planned on wearing on your big day!

Step Two: Create an awesome quinceanera Tik Tok video!

Tik Tok Ideas

  • Types of guests at quinceanera
  • Types of tias at quinceaneras
  • Flip the Switch

Make sure to send us your TikTok videos! 

Bake a Cake at Home

Eat cake with ice cream at home with your family and enjoy this time together! This is a great quinceanera alternative during the pandemic. 

  • Make is fun and compete on who makes the best cake!
    • Divide family into 2 teams
    • Find a cool cake design & try to copy it!
    • Get ingredients on your next grocery run
    • Bake & Compete!
Credit: @yaahhaira & @ferrnanndaa._

BONUS TIP: Hold Virtual Court Practice

Just because you can’t see your friends in person, doesn’t mean you can’t still hold off on quinceanera dance practices. You just have to be a bit creative.

  • Use Zoom and try to coordinate a virtual dance class for your damas and chambelanes.
  • One person can share their screen with a DIY youtube video like some of the ones we love here!
  • Check out our tips on choreographing your dances here.


At the end of the day it’s not about a big party,  it’s about spending your special day with the people you love!

Thank you to all the beautiful #QuinceQueens who shared their stories and pictures with us!

What fun quinceanera alternatives did you do during coronavirus? Email your pictures and stories to alondra@mipadrino.com


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