5 Things to Look for in a Venue

Searching for an event venue can be very time-consuming and tiring! If you don’t know what to look for, it can be hard to find the perfect place. We’ve put together a quick list of what to look for next time you go searching for a venue.

1. Location
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Think about the location of the venue. Is it close to the church? Is it close to any hotels? Is it easy to access? Is there enough parking for the number of guests you are inviting? If you have out of town guests, it may be easier for them to be close to both the church and the venue since they are unfamiliar with the area. It will be a bonus to have a hotel nearby for guests that need accommodations.

2. What it includes

Napkins on a table at a reception venue

Does the venue come with anything? Some will rent the venue if you buy a certain quantity of plates. Others will not include anything but the venue. Some will provide the linens, tables and chairs. Ask the venue to clarify this point. Some may be more expensive, but make up for it by providing some of the things you need.

3. Affordability

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The affordability of the venue may limit what venue options you may have. If some include party-related items, it a higher price might be worth it. Try to stay within your budget. With a little imagination, any space can be improved!

4. Setup

Reception venue for an event
Is the space conductive for the way you imagine your event to be? Check if there is enough space for guests and if the layout will work for your event. Ask the event coordinator about the number of guests and tables that will fit in the space and ensure that is plenty of room left for your guests to get their groove on!

5. Decoration-friendly

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When looking at venues, take into consideration that some venues will not allow many types of decorations. Some will not let you hang anything on walls or do anything that can cause damage. You may have to contract a staging company to decorate the venue in a way that is in line with the venue requirements.


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