7 Wedding Registry Must-Haves

Picture this: You come home from your honeymoon to open all your presents and… come to find out you didn’t get any scissors to open them all with! And where on earth will you put everything?

Fear not, we’ve got a downloadable wedding registry checklist that you can take with you to shop for everything you will need to make your home complete.

Download a printable wedding registry checklist here: (PDF, Excel) and take it with you to shop!

You may not need every single thing on the list, but there are some things you find out later you can’t live without— and a wedding registry is a perfect place to put those wish-list items!

Don’t forget the following on your registry!

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

1. Cast Iron Skillet

You can get them pre-seasoned, like this Lodge 12″ Cast Iron. Use this bad boy for everything,  including over campfires! Fun tip- the lid of your large saucepan (12 inch) should fit it perfectly.

2. Storage Containers

Get them in different sizes to store all the stuff you get, or for things like holiday decorations.

3. Tool Kit

It comes complete with a tape measure, hammer, etc.). Check out this bestseller, Stanley Tool Kit.

4. Picture Frames

Get some to hold all of your amazing wedding pics!

5. Power Drill

Use it for your home DIY projects, hanging picture frames, etc. You’ll need one when you least expect it!

6. Grill & Utensils

Even if you don’t grill out a lot, a small outdoor grill like this one from Target is great for those occasional burgers.

7. Extra Wine Glasses

We’re always breaking them… let us save you the hassle of needing more at the last minute!

Download a printable wedding registry checklist here: (PDF, Excel) and take it with you to shop!


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