About Mi Padrino®

Mi Padrino® is an event planning service to help parents and families organize, plan, and fund events celebrated in the Hispanic tradition. We help you organize and share the details of your events with your friends and family around the globe, instantly. Your loved ones can be a part of your celebration no matter where they are in the world.

Kim Gamez, the CEO and founder of Mi Padrino®, saw a need for a more efficient solution for organizing Quinceañeras, Weddings, Baptisms, and more for the Hispanic community. As a mother of 5, Kim appreciates the complexity of coordinating all aspects of these time honored traditions with families near and far.

Mi Padrino® is a one of a kind solution to plan and share your special day and we are so excited to offer this easy event planning platform to simplify this age-old tradition.

From Kim’s Desk

Sometimes it all just feels like a dream…

My husband Hugo and I met 16 years ago when he was looking for an English tutor to help him re-enroll in college here in the States. See, Hugo is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico and he moved to the States to help support his younger siblings through school and put some much needed food on the table back home. Although I didn’t think he was my type, I soon fell in love with his story, his selflessness, and his culture. Being an All-American “Gringa” who grew up in the farm country, the ways of the Hispanic people and all of the cherished traditions absolutely blew me away. Needless to say, we fell in love, got married, and started our family.

In 2015, our niece asked us to be padrinos for her Quinceañera in Mexico. The padrino tradition has always been a favorite of mine, but, being a busy entrepreneur and mom of five beautiful babies, the process of getting and organizing padrinos always seemed so dated to me. That call from my niece is what set off the light bulb, and Mi Padrino® was born! 

So, we got to work. We hired an amazing team, launched in a matter of months, and quickly found out that many others share our sentiment. We’ve been growing ever since.

Our hope is that, with the use of Mi Padrino®, Latinos all over the world can be inspired, stay organized, and get the funding they need to have the events of their dreams.

“I’m so honored. And all I can say is women, we can do this. We can do this together.”

From our familia to yours,

Kim Gamez

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