How to Ask Friends and Family to be Padrinos for Your Event

We are so proud of our cultural traditions! Here at Mi Padrino, we want to continue to promote the traditions that exist in Latin America, no matter where we may be in the world. A very important tradition for us is the madrina and padrino tradition.

Here in the United States, we have found that sometimes it is weird and hard to ask someone to be your madrina or padrino because many people here don’t know about it, or didn’t grow it up with that tradition. We want to promote it because it is one of the most wonderful and generous parts of our culture that demonstrates how much of an honor it is to be considered part of the family.

So that it is easier for you to ask someone to participate in your event as a madrina or padrino, we have compiled some ways to help you ask someone you care deeply about!


Hello __________! I am planning my event, and I would love to incorporate some of the Latino traditions I grew up with. I want to include the madrina/padrino tradition into my event, and would be really honored if you could participate in it. If it isn’t possible for you to participate, no hard feelings! I would be just as honored to just see you come to my event. I hope you can make it!

Hello! I don’t know if you knew that my event is coming up soon, but I would love to have you as a padrino/madrina of my event. I would be elated if you decided to accept my invitation and help me in prepare for my big day, but I also understand if it is not possible.

Hello ________! I am planning my event but I would love to have padrinos and madrinas to help me on my big day. Would you be interested in being one for my party? If it is not possible, don’t worry! I would still be honored to just be able to see you the day of my event.

Still need some help? 

We hope you found this helpful while getting your padrinos together. If you need another example, check out Traditions and Technology, How I asked for Padrinos and it worked!” and see how our CEO Kim got padrinos for her son’s Quince Años!

Happy Planning!
Mi Padrino Team

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Wow! I seriously nervous and clueless on HOW to ask the members of our family to be padrinos in our wedding. It was everything I wanted to say without being long winded or stumbling for words. It was also very short and to the point.
Thank you this was very helpful.

Hey Alice! We’re glad you found our post to be so helpful and hope everything goes well with asking your padrinos! We’d love to help you with your wedding planning in any other way possible! Chat with us online or send us an email at if you have any questions or just want to chat about how your wedding planning has been going thus far, and don’t forget to create your free wedding page which can help you stay organized with all your padrinos!

Hi , just need help in addressing our daughter’s sponsor’s for her quince letting them know we will be collecting already .

My daughters 15th is in 6 months and I still have not asked for sponsors and I just dont know how. The hall I got has the whole package food, arrangements, DJ, officers, cleaning and etc.. please help in how to ask? Thank you.

Hi Yessica!
We understand how stressful this question can be. But no worries- we’re here to help you with that! This blog should give you another idea or more inspiration on how to ask!

Have you created your event yet? This will keep all your padrinos organized in one place. It also makes it easier for them to help fund your event!

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