Feeling the Princess Vibes? Choose a Beauty and the Beast Quince Theme!

You’ve probably had dreams of becoming a princess since you were a little girl, just like a lot of us! Whether it was wishing your family was secretly part of a royal family, or believing one day you’d marry a dreamy prince- the dream is very common. For some, the dream slowly fades away as the years go by. But for others, the dream lives on and the excitement grows once you begin to make the transition into a young woman. This quinceañera made all her dreams come true with her take on:

Beauty and the Beast Quinceañera

Jaylene went all out for her theme! With her Chambelan de Honor taking his part as the beast very seriously, to making her head table into her own mini castle! Check out Jaylene’s take on her Beauty and the Beast Quinceañera with these dreamy shots by Jose Morales Studios!

Beauty and the Beast Quinceañera

The princess vibes are definitely among us after witnessing that amazing quinceañera! If you were feeling inspired, check out these other takes on the Beauty and the Beast quince theme! 


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Where i can’t find the yelow dress, thank you for the information.

Hello – Beautiful pics. Where can I find that Yellow Dress???

Hi Michelle! Thanks for reaching out!

That dress is actually hand-made, so we can’t point you in the right direction to get it sadly! If you’d like something similar, check out these dresses that we have that come in yellow.

Thanks again!


Hello I would like info. Of the yellow dress. I read that it was hand made. My granddaughter quince will be in 2 yrs. When I showed her this dress, she got goosebumps and said That’s the one!!.she loved it! Her quince we want to make it very special. U see her dad passed away when she was only 5yrs old. And her last Halloween with her dad was of the beauty and the beast. I really want you to please help me out as much as possible.. she really loved this dress, I’ve been showing her different ones but no luck she want’s this one. Thank you very much.

Hey Letty!

That particular dress is a custom, exclusive design that the quinceañera had made for her event.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the designers information because this picture was submitted by the user for this particular article.
You can always try to contact a dress designer to create a custom design similar to this one.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if your niece decides to go with a different design, we would be happy to help!


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