Best of Chicago Quinceañera Photographers: Tips from The Experts

How important is a photograph?

There’s more to photographs than simply taking a picture- it’s a way to freeze a moment that’ll be relived for years to come. It’s the way to pause an exact look or feeling that took your breath away, to only feel it years later thanks to a high quality photograph. Unfortunately, it’s also the most important part of a quinceañera that sadly gets overlooked. That’s why Mi Padrino set out to find the best quinceañera photographers in the Chicago area! We took into consideration the relationships they form with their clients, the effort they put towards an event, and most importantly: their talent!

Jasko Omerovic Photography

“Sit back and enjoy your day!”

Jasko has been perfecting his craft since 2013, first starting in a studio, learning all he could until he felt ready to photograph special events like quinceañeras. One of his talents is being able to bring out your inner model during the session! Once he has been booked for an event, he likes to meet with his clients, get to know them and their vision, and schedule a pre-photo shoot to make sure clients are comfortable with his work and style. After all, trusting your photographer to capture the biggest moments during your Quinceañera is of utmost importance!

Expert Tip: “Sit back and enjoy your day. Let the vendors do what they were hired to do and don’t worry about them. When I’m showing clients their photos, a lot of them make comments like “ I didn’t see this table! OMG, I didn’t even notice this detail!” because they were so wrapped up in everything else and making sure it was perfect. But, that’s why you hired your vendors, to make sure they take care of that stuff for you!”

Did you fall in love with Jasko’s photos? Contact him now!

Laura Rodriguez Photography

“Make sure to have your accessories in one spot!”

Laura has been photographing for 10 years! Thanks to her experience she is one of the best and most experienced quinceañera photographers in Chicago. She understands the importance of capturing the moment at its fullest and understands that these are the pictures you will be showing everybody when you grow up. Your quinceañera is a once in a lifetime event so make sure you go with a photographer like Laura, that shares the same vision as you!

Expert Tip:It’s funny because when you’re working with Hispanic families, everyone is used to doing things at the last minute. So especially for quinceañeras, I like to tell them to make sure they have their accessories in one spot the night before – this way they can  make sure they can easily find the bouquet, the shoes, or the corona before they have to head out the door!”.

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Emma Belen Photography

“Make your quinceañera about yourself!” 

Emma started photographing with her father since she was 16, up until she decided to start her own business. Emma’s unique approach and style is what sets her apart from other Chicago quinceañera photographers! Her goal is to capture the quinceañera’s innocence in a sweet romantic way just like your eyes would see it! She understands the importance of a good quinceañera photographer and advises that it should be within the top 3 things to budget BIG for- the other two being the music and the food! También habla Español!

Expert Tip: “Make your quinceañera about yourself and not about what people will expect. Otherwise you won’t enjoy your day because you’re trying to please your guests.”

Are you a fan of the airy romance in Emma’s pictures? Contact her now!

CKM Photography

“You’re the princess for the day so own it!”

Karen and Cisco are the perfect duo! These two have over 10 years of experience combined. What’s better than having two sets of eyes to capture one of the most important moments of your life? Karen and Cisco take the quinceañera to unique locations to make sure they capture the perfect photo with the most beautiful scenery. Aside from photography, Karen also offers video and choreography! Not only will you receive breathtaking pictures and video for your quinceañera, but you will also receive dance lessons for the people on your court with two left feet!

Expert Tip: “You’re the princess for the day so own it! Remember that your family is doing all of this for you so don’t forget to smile and enjoy every minute of it!”.

Do you long for beautiful and adventurous scenery? Contact CKM Photography today!

Epic Lens Photography

“Make sure to eat breakfast and stay hydrated!”

One of the most important things you should look for in a quinceañera photographer is someone who understands your traditions and culture. Alejandra knows this to be true and takes into consideration all the traditional elements in a quinceañera. She makes sure to capture them in the moment to create raw and stunning images. Some of her clients have never worked with with a vendor before so she lets them know she is there to help during the whole process.

Expert Tip: “I remind the quinceañera to make sure she eats breakfast and stays hydrated during the day. I’ve seen girls get sick, and it happens so quickly! There’s so much time between them getting ready, the mass, the photo shoot and the reception that I like to remind her to stay hydrated”.

Do you think Epic Lens Photography is right for you? Contact her now!

Still and Motion Media

“The cheapest option is not always the best option!”

David is someone who understands what it takes to be a photographer! Working in two completely different environments, traveling between the U.S and Mexico for events, he’s got a set of skills that are unique and important for a photographer to have. He understands how important it is to build a relationship and connect with his clients to ensure comfort during his sessions and during the big day! David is a high quality Chicago quinceañera photographer who will capture every moment during your event!

Expert Tip: “The cheapest option is not always the best option! Photo and videos should be one of the first priorities when budgeting for your event. Those are the only two things you will keep for the rest of your life!”.

Did Still and Motion Media’s expertise persuade you? Contact him today!

Gather all these tips from the best of the best to ensure you choose the right photographer for your event and find all the best quinceanera photographers in Chicago on Mi Padrino!

Happy Planning!



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