70 Best Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

You thought shopping for your spouse was hard, try buying gifts for teens, let alone teenage girls. We asked over a thousand teen girls – ages 13, 14, 15, and 16 – about their top gift choices this year and put together a list for you so you can get started with your shopping ASAP. Whether you’re looking to find something for a Birthday, Christmas, Sweet 16, or Quinceañera, these top gift ideas will be perfect for the girls you’re shopping for!


Hair Products

No matter if they have curly or straight hair, teenagers love getting new hair products and accessories to try out all the new trending styles. Curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers are some of the top picks on this year’s gift list.



You can never go wrong with getting makeup as one of your teen girl gifts. Teens love makeup and will always enjoy a fresh new palette or a new set of brushes. Here are some of the best pallets and accessories this year.



Headphones have quickly become a huge way to make a fashion statement and are thus one of the best gift ideas for teen girls. From larger options with distinct colors to more discrete wireless earbuds, there are tons of top options that can be perfect for your teen.



Sweatshirts are another great way for teens to mix both function and fashion. This year, girls seem to really be loving more plush textures and pastel colors.



Sneakers are yet another fashion piece that always have a new trend to spot. Nikes and Vans are some of the most popular gifts asked for this year by teenage girls, although some like solid white while others may prefer a pop of color in their kicks.



What better gift to pair with shoes than socks. White and black crew socks have become super fashionable lately, with top brands like Nike and Underarmour leading the way. Comfy plush socks in pastel colors can also be a great gift of something more for wearing around the house.


Bedroom Accessories

Teen girls also spend tons of time in their rooms, and there are plenty of fun accessories that you can get them to help add some fun flavor, from accent pillows to quote/message boards, and more.


Bath Bombs

Teenage years can be particularly stressful for girls, so any products that can help them relax a bit can end up being great gifts. Aromatic bath bombs have grown in popularity a lot recently, and here are some of the top options so far this year.


Gift Cards

When all else fails, gift cards are one of the best gifts for teen girls if you want to give them the chance to choose something for themselves. Amazon, Ulta, Apple Store, and American Eagle are among some of the top gift cards on the favorites list.



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