Best Tips To Plan A Fall Themed Quinceañera

It’s finally fall, y’all – our favorite season of all!

Our office is located in Michigan, where we get all four seasons in a year (how cool is that?). We were feeling so inspired by the changing of leaves and all the pretty colors that we decided this week’s theme would be…

Rustic Fall

It’s very different from the traditional quince themes we’ve seen but, why not try something different? The warm fall colors and the decor will make everyone feel cozy – even if you decide to use this theme in the spring/summer!


Rustic Quince Colors

Typical fall colors include browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. This color mixture will surely make everyone feel comfortable and homey. It’s also a fun idea to have a mixture like this instead of using the typical 2-color theme for your event. It’s something unique and different that will set you apart from the rest! Adding some whites, ivories, and golds can help add some contrast so your decor doesn’t become a big blob of fall! If you want to incorporate colors other than typical fall colors, add purples and dark reds! 


Rustic Quinceañera Decorations
Photo: Michelle Edgemont

This is where the fun begins!

What do you think of when you hear rustic fall? Pumpkins, leaves, wood, burlap, candy corn, dried flowers, caramel apples, gourds, and squashes? If so, you’re heading in the right direction! You might be thinking “What the heck?! Do all these things even go together? Can I even use this as a quince theme?” The answer is YES!!

Below are a few suggestions that can add to your overall fall color scheme:

  • Dried leaves and flowers
  • Spray-painted leaves (gold, duh!)
  • Pumpkins and squash
  • Sunflowers
  • Wood slices or log coasters
  • Branches
  • DIY Stained coffee filter garlands (see how here!)

This can become a fun DIY project that’s inexpensive and easy!


The dress is the most important part of a quince! You’re probably thinking how hard it’ll be to find a dress that goes with this theme but no worries – we handpicked a few that we thought would fit in perfectly!

Below are the dresses that we chose! Don’t forget that these dresses are available in our online shop. Also, just a reminder that you can contact us if you need help placing your order or if you have questions!

Rustic Quinceañera Dress Red Rustic Quinceañera Dress Rustic Quince Dress


When you’re searching for invitations that fit in with your quinceañera’s fall theme, it’s always a good idea to look for rustic, crimson, and other warm colors. Our online shop has a few perfect examples of invitations that fit for a rustic or autumn themed quince!

Rustic Quinceañera Invitations Rustic Quince Invitations


Who doesn’t love a snack table?! It’s a fun way to incorporate the food and the theme all on one table! We suggest putting these out after the ceremonial part of your reception has ended (after the waltz, last doll, etc). It’s a great way to keep your guests full and hydrated during the baile! 

Here are a few suggestions we thought would be a perfect fit:

Rustic Quinceañera Food

  • Caramel Apple Station – your guests can make their own caramel apples to their liking. Don’t forget to include different toppings!
  • Pumpkin/Apple Pie Slices – you can offer slices of this fall favorite to your guests! Include whipped topping or even ice cream for the guests with a sweet tooth!
  • Apple Cider & Donuts– You can serve this hot or cold! You can’t have a fall theme without this favorite combination!
  • Candy Corn- Another great idea is adding a small dish with candy corn to the guest tables!


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