Butterfly Quinceañera Theme Ideas

From caterpillar to butterfly;

From little girl to young lady

A quinceañera is a huge step to becoming a young lady in her family or community. In many cultures, butterflies symbolize new life or change. This makes for a great butterfly quinceañera theme party! It’ll represent the big transition from being a little girl to a young lady.

The fun part about this theme is you can choose whatever color scheme you wish for your butterfly quinceañera theme! You can choose from bold orange and black colors (representing a monarch), or do your own colors! Butterflies come in all different shapes and sizes, so decide on your favorite color or colors.


Give your guests a taste of what they’ll be expecting at your quinceañera, buy purchasing butterfly themed invitations! Check them out below, or see what else we have in our shop here.


Do you need inspiration on how you’re going to decorate your butterfly quinceañera theme party? Check out the list of ideas below!

  • Paper Flower Walls
  • Butterfly Garlands
  • Balloon Arch with Butterflies
  • Paper Lanterns with Butterflies
  • Seating Cards made out of Paper Butterflies
  • Butterfly Terrarium
  • Painted Mason Jars filled with Flowers and Butterflies
  • Flower Pots with Butterflies


The possibilities are endless when it comes down to a butterfly quinceañera dress. We recommend either a flowy light dress or a puffy dress with lots of tulle!

Try to look for a dress with butterfly accents or floral accents on it! Check out some of the ones we have in our shop below:

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For your butterfly quinceañera theme, you should definitely try incorporating the following into your beauty glam!

  • Butterfly Hair Accents
  • Glitter Hairspray
  • Bold, Bright Makeup Looks
  • Glitter Makeup
  • Butterfly Floral Headpiece

Check out some makeup and hair looks below for more inspiration. 

Cake & Desserts

It won’t be hard finding someone to decorate a butterfly theme cake or dessert. If you’re up for a challenge you can even make the cake and desserts yourself! You can easily buy butterfly cake decorations, which come in tons of colors! Check out the pictures below for more inspiration!


Here are some ideas on how to dress your chambelanes for your butterfly quinceañera theme:

  • Black Suits
  • Matching Colored Ties
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • White Shirts w/ Grey or Beige pants
  • Bright Colored suspenders
  • White Sneakers

Remember, your Chambelán de Honor should always stand out among your court. We recommend a white shirt with a matching colored vest!

Here are some ideas on how to dress your beautiful damas for your butterfly quinceañera theme:

  • Light and Bright colored Dresses
  • Tulle Skirts
  • Butterfly Hair accessories
  • Flats
  • Butterfly Wings (Perfect for a surprise dance!)

If you have trouble figuring out what the chambelanes or damas should wear, check out the pictures below. 


We have some fun ideas that you could incorporate into your butterfly quinceañera theme party!

  • Release 15 butterflies after your ceremony or before your reception! This will make your quinceañera very memorable.
  • Instead of a regular flower bouquet, try finding one made of artificial butterflies!
  • Research if you can do a photo shoot at a local butterfly house!

Butterfly Quinceañeras

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”


Check out more butterfly quinceañera inspiration on our Pinterest board, here.

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