Our Money-Saving Guide for your Caterer

The budget is always the trickiest part of event planning. You have all of these amazing ideas for your perfect day, but you are restricted by how much money you can spend. It’s okay- we’ve all been there! If you are looking to cut the costs of your catering, follow our three easy tips.


Stick to the Basics

Your caterer may try to upsell you by asking you to add extra courses to your meal- don’t bother. After eating appetizers, a salad, a full dinner and dessert, (not to mention having drinks throughout) your guests will be going home full! There is no need to add more courses, and you can save money by cutting them out.


Serve a Soft Bar

If you’re serving alcohol at your event, make a little room in your budget by skipping the full liquor menu. Instead, serve just wine and beer.  You can also opt to add some specialty cocktails to the drink menu- these can be one or two cocktails that you love. The specialty cocktails will add a unique touch to your event, while giving your guests some extra beverage variety.  

Keep it Simple

The more complicated your menu is, the more expensive it will be. When it comes to hors d’oeuvres, stick with just three options. Three is enough to give your guests a variety, without the added price of having your caterer prepare too many different things.  As for your entrees, keep to simple, easy to make options. Your caterer will be able to tell you which entrees need less preparation and will cost less to make. Your guests shouldn’t expect a full restaurant menu at your event, so you can also limit entrees to just one or two choices.

Need some help deciding on your event menu? Read on to decide What’s On Your Menu!


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