Your Guide to Picking Chambelanes for Your Court


Your damas and chambelanes are a group of people you choose to be with you leading up to, and throughout your quince años celebration. The chambelanes (boys) are there to show you that you’re supported and loved. They are also there to dance the night away with you! You can choose anywhere from 7 to 14 boys/young men to be your chambelanes – but the number is totally up to you. These can be your friends, or your family members. Asking someone to stand with you on your special day is an honor – but it’s also a commitment on their end.


Chambelanes are responsible for the following things:

1 – Dances: Be there to practice at all of the rehearsals for the Quinceañera. Dance practices are scheduled for several months before the event, anywhere from once a month to once a week. Learning the traditional dances is an important piece of the puzzle! 

2 – Get fancy! Chambelanes should wear dressy attire, like a tuxedo or suit. The quinceanera or her family should tell the chambelanes what to buy, and where to buy it. Some quinceaneras are fortunate enough to pay for some or all of the court attire, but some cannot afford it. Check out our shop for matching suspenders and socks for your gents!

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3 – Get their prayers on – Chambelanes go to the Mass service, held before the reception. This is an important part of the quinceanera tradition, in which the young girl is presented to God as a young woman. Not everyone celebrates the religious aspects of a quince, but it’s something to prepare for! 

4 – Selfies! The court (damas and chambelanes) are going to take so many pictures with you. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have dramatic damas and chambelanes, but instead those that will laugh with you and support you through this journey!

As the quinceanera, there are many things you can do to say muchas gracias to your group of fellas. Try to do the following:

1 – Feed Them! Make sure you have snacks or a light meal for each time you gather; rehearsals, and even for your big day! Happy and hungry don’t usually go together. Grab some pizzas and just take some time to relax and remember why you are friends!

2 – Ask them for their input! You get to make the final decision on dress code, but ask them what they like, too. 

3 – Cover the expenses for the attire as much as possible. We know how expensive the big celebration can be, but you don’t want your chambelanes (or damas) to feel financially responsible if you can help it!


You want to make sure you have enough time to plan your fiesta without stressing out — after all it’s a p a r t a y! You will be spending a lot of time with your chambelanes, from dancing, to rehearsals, to tux fittings; make sure you choose your guys wisely! It’s best to start preparing as soon as possible for your quince, a year in advance is great! When you’ve decided who you want to be in your corte de honor, you want to make sure they have enough time to get a tux/attire, learn their responsibilities, and have some wiggle room for any surprises that might pop up. It’s always better to over-plan than to under-plan!


We talked about this earlier, but you want to make sure you have a venue picked out and a place to rehearse for your quince with your damas and chambelanes. There will be dancing, photos, a ceremony, etc. and you don’t want anyone showing up to your big day without a clue on what they should do. Tell your fellas that if they have questions: ASK.


The chambelanes are there to support you. This day is incredibly exciting, but it’s also stressful — you need your support system so you don’t turn into a quince-zilla! Basically, your chambelan is there to fill the role of Prince Charming, and make you feel like the princess you are! Now we’ve got the specifics out of the way, it’s time for the fun part: picking the chambelan de honor (escort of honor). This can be overwhelming – but don’t worry! We’re here to help girrrl!

Your chambelan de honor should be someone close to you (after all, you have to spend the party with him) and is ideally someone you and your parents trust. One of the things that your main squeeze will do at your quince is accompany you and introduce you to your guests. Among other tasks, your chambelan de honor will dance with you, take photos with you, laugh, and enjoy the night! Your quince will go by in the blink of an eye, and having your close friends there to help you have the best time is important.

Still have questions? Check out our Instagram or Pinterest for more quince tips! Happy planning! 


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