Everything You Need To Plan A Charro Quinceañera

“Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay canta y no llores! Porque cantando se alegran cielito lindo, los corazones..”

What better song to describe Mexican culture than Cielito Lindo!? If you’re looking for a traditional theme to plan your quince, we’ve come up with the perfect way to celebrate:

Black Charro quinceanera with colorful Florals and Yellow Reboso
Credit: @jnogales_photography

Charro Themed Quinceañera!


What is a charro? A charro is a Mexican cowboy, usually dressed in traditional attire. Charros have been around for quite some time and are an important part of Mexican culture. This theme is full of vibrant colors and traditional elements that will leave your guests in awe. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your Mexican pride!

Below are some tips that will help you plan your perfect charro themed quince!


White and Gold Charro Quince
Credit: @jnogales_photography

A charro theme is usually full of vibrant colors! Colors like pink, purple, yellow, green, blue and orange really showcase the charro theme. Typically a lot of charro quinces will use a sarape (traditional shawl/blanket) used as table runners. This really brings your guests’ eyes to the center of the table where you can show off your centerpieces. Your centerpieces usually consist of vibrant flowers in a traditional vase. You can use a cantarito, a molcajete or even a tequila bottle as your vase! If you’re not into the flowers, you could also use a sombrero and decorate around it. Another really cool idea is to use the sombrero or sarape as part of your chair covers! Check out more ideas below!

Charro Quinceanera Decorations

  • Cantarito, Molcajetes, or Tequila Bottles as Vaces
  • Sombreros
  • Horse Shoes
  • Lasos (Rope)
  • Horse Saddle
  • Colorful Flowers
  • Papel Picado
  • Sarapes as Table Runners/Chair Covers


Your dress is probably the most important part of your day! You might be thinking, “Where am I going to find a charro dress that’s comfortable and pretty?”

Here at the Mi Padrino online shop, we’ve got a few that are perfect for this theme! Don’t forget to check them out and contact us if you have any questions or need help placing your order!


Court Attire:

Whether you choose to have chambelanes or damas, their attire should tie your charro themed quince together!

Chambelanes: The chambelanes should wear an embroidered jacket and tight trousers, a ruffled shirt, and a sombrero. You can also add a red or white bow tie!  Check out some examples below!

Damas: We recommend the damas wear a manta (Mexican dress type) and adorn it with a bright reboso. You can even just have a plain white or black dress adorned with a bright reboso. Another idea is to look for traditional, bright colored dresses from Mexico. Each dama can wear a different color dress! Finally, have all your damas wear matching charra boots!

Baile Folklorico at Quinceanera
Credit: @stillandmotion_media

Reception Ideas (Fun Extra’s)

  • The Grand Entrance: Have the banda or tamborazo playing behind the quinceanera as she enters.
  • Cambio de Zapatillas: Wear botas instead of flats or sneakers and change into your heels when the time comes.
  • La Ultima Muñeca: Instead of the porcelain dolls, get a traditional mexican doll to either give out to the little girls at the party or keep.
  • Arrive to your Reception on a Horse

Cake, Desserts & More

Make sure to check out the cake inspo in the pictures below for your charro theme quinceanera!


Another really neat element of Mexican culture is the music! Nothing screams “traditional” like a mariachi band playing at your quince! Not only is your special day just about you, but it’s also important to be a good host! Having a mariachi band is a unique way to leave all your guests in awe! Mariachis would be great to play while you enter/exit the ceremony, during the ceremony, and at the comida (dinner).

Don’t forget to ask them to play Cielito Lindo – for cultural purposes 😉

Another great detail would be to hire the mariachi to play outside the quinceañera’s house in the morning. Make sure to request “Mañanitas”, it’s a MUST!

Another element that most quinceanera’s in Mexico have is a LIVE banda to play at your quince, instead of a DJ. Typically people hire either Bandas or Grupo Norteños. If you know the majority of your guests like this type of music, it’ll be worth seeing everyone dance and have fun!


Another important element of your quinceañera should be your invitations. Your invites should showcase your theme before your party so your guests know what to expect before the big day!

Our online shop lets you browse through our selections. Didn’t find what you were looking for? We can also work with you to customize the invites to your liking.

Don’t forget that you can contact us if you need help! One of our personal planners can help you with this process and help place your order.

Need more charro themed inspiration? Check out our pinterest board here!

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