Tips for Planning a Chicago Quinceañera

Tips for Planning a Windy City Quinceañera

Are you planning your dream quinceañera in the windy city? Chicago is one of the top cities to visit in America. Not only is it a great city to vacation in, but it’s an amazing place to throw an spectacular quinceañera! You really can’t go wrong in a city with an amazing skyline and great photo opportunities! We have compiled the best tips on planning a Chicago quinceañera! Check them out below!

  1. Set a Realistic BudgetPlanning a Chicago Quince

    Venues in Chicago can run from somewhat cheap to crazy expensive! Make sure you keep that in mind, and research the different venues in town! Being a quinceañera in the city isn’t cheap, but those gorgeous architecture shots will be sooooooo worth it!

  2. Book your Venue a Year in Advance! 

    There are so many quinceañeras and weddings that happen in Chicago- don’t be surprised that venues are already booked a year out! If you know what venue you want, make sure to book it ASAP!Planning a chicago Quinceanera If you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town, the best option might be to host the quinceañera at a hotel. Your guests will really appreciate the convenience! A perfect option would be The Congress Plaza Hotel

  3. Find a Venue with OPTIONAL Catering

    Many of the venues in Chicago have an exclusive catering list which only allows you to pick from their catering options. Keep this in mind before signing with any venues! If you want to bring in food and drinks from your favorite restaurant, you’ll want to find a venue with optional catering. 

  4. Choose a Combo Venue

    Instead of booking two separate venues for the ceremony and the reception, consider booking a place where you can have both! This will save you tons of $$$, especially if you’re having your quinceañera in the heart of Chicago!

  5. Think About Photoshoot Locations

    Chicago has amazing architecture, iconic landmarks, and endless photo ops! Make a list of potential photoshoot locations and write them down so you don’t forget! This will help your photographer get an idea of what kinds of photos you like and will save you some time when you are taking your quince photos!

  6. Check Out the Suburbs

    If you’re ballin on a budget, find a venue in the suburbs of Chicago! The venues generally cost a lot less than venues in the city. We can help you find a venue here!

  7. Don’t get Stuck in Traffic

    You’re probably familiar with Chicago traffic- it’s crazy! That’s something you should keep in mind when it comes to transportation between your ceremony and your reception. The last thing you want is to be late for your own grand entrance! Try a trial run driving from your ceremony spot to your reception at the correct time of day and make any necessary changes in advance!

  8. What’s Happening in Chicago?Chicago Quinceañera

    This is a question you should ask yourself when picking the date for your special day! Chicago is already crowded as it is, and it may not be a good idea to have a quinceañera the week of a baseball game, lollapalooza, or other big events! 

  9. Keep Track of Your Permits

    It’s not a quinceañera if it’s not fun, crazy, and loud, so be sure to have the necessary permits. Some permits could involve playing music and serving alcohol, so just make sure you have all this ready to go!

  10. Hire a Chicago Quinceañera Planner

    Yes, it will cost you some money. But, it can be so valuable to have a real Chicago party planner on your team! They will offer all the best insight on who to hire for your event and may even save you tons of money in the long run. 

Need some more Chicago quinceañera inspiration? Check out our REAL EVENTS page! We have tons of real life quinceañeras that celebrated their big day in the Windy City!

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