Your Cinderella Themed Quinceañera: All You Need For A Magical Night

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

Many little ones have dreamt of being a princess, and most of the time, they remain just that: a dream. Maybe you’ve dreamt in making a beast fall in love with you, or of being awoken from a sleep that can only be broken by a kiss. Or maybe, you’ve dreamt of finding a glass slipper as soon as the clock strikes midnight. But does it have to just stay a dream? The answer is NO, a quinceañera is the perfect way to manifest these dreams and turn them into a reality!

Cinderella Themed Quinceañera

Princess themes have become very popular with quinceañeras, especially Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella! After all, you are and should get treated like a princess on your big day. So what goes into planning a Cinderella Themed Quince? Read below for all the tips and tricks to make your own fairy tale!


Invitations give your guests a glimpse of what to expect on the big day before it arrives! You should always take the time to choose the perfect invitation. Whether you want them simple or elaborate, we recommend using these 3 main colors: light blue, light pink and gold. You can always choose the best colors that fit you and your interpretation of this theme!

 All of the invitations at Mi Padrino can be customized with different colors, styles, ribbons, brooches and lots of fun extras! Contact us to find the perfect invitation for you!



When Cinderella decides to arrive at the ball, her fairy Godmother transforms her old rags into a beautiful blue dress! One thing to always remember: you need to look the part on your big day! After all, the attention will be on you the whole time so your dress should be of utmost importance! Check below to see these gorgeous gowns with all different styles that will be perfect for any Cinderella quinceañera theme!

Need help ordering your dress? Call 517-513-3469 to speak to one of our representatives!



This is probably the most stressful but fun part of any event! How will you decorate?! Remember that everything should tie into the decor on your big day. Below are a list of must-have items that you should include into your decor list for the most beautiful Cinderella quince of all!

  • Crystal Slippers
  • Magical Pumpkins
  • Horse Carriages (Centerpieces)
  • Clock (Clock strikes at Midnight)

Check out this article of Gaby’s Cinderella Inspired Quince!


A lot of quinceañeras nowadays take limos and party buses to get to their reception venue. Since the horse and carriage is an important part of Cinderella, you could use this alternative option for transportation! Find vendors in your area who offer this transportation!

If you live in the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia areas call Diana’s Wedding Horses for a quote!

Horse and Carriage Cinderella


Pink and Gold Quinceañera Decor: Bizzie Bee Creations by Iris

Blue Cinderella Snack Table: Bizzie Bee Creations by Iris

Blue Cinderella Venue Decor: VenueForty50

Horse and Carriage: Photography by MATEU

Check out our Cinderella Themed Items!


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