Cooking For a Crowd: How Much Food to Serve at Your Quinceañera Fiesta

Planning for una fiesta grande can be quite overwhelming… especially when you’re deciding on what you’re going to do about food. After all, what’s a party without food?! You want your friends and family to enjoy every bite!

Are you leaning towards a more typical meal for a traditional Mexican party? Don’t forget about that jugoso barbacoa, el arroz rico, and ese sabroso mole! Knowing what you’re going to serve to your guests is vital information. It helps you plan how much to serve your guests at your Quince or other event!

Quinceañera Mexican Food

Thankfully you have the Mi Padrino team here to help you! We have created a quick guide to help you with the basic amount of food you may need for your party, whether it’s for a small party with 50 people or if its a party of 100+! We got you covered!

Entrees & Sides

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the more options you give your family and friends, the smaller of portions you may be able to get away with. The following table should give you a rough idea on how much each guest will eat if you are going for the more traditional meal.

How Much Food You Need to Cater a Quinceañera

You can not forget about the drinks! Keep in mind, that you have to think of everyone that will be there. Simply estimate who’s going to drink what. You also have to think about what time of party your hosting, how long it will run, and where it will be held. You want all your guests to stay somewhat hydrated. 😉 With this chart we will break it down by number of guests.

How Many Drinks You Need to Cater a Quinceañera

**The above chart is assuming all of those number of guests are going to be drinking that specific drink. From here you can do a rough estimate on the actual number of people that may or may not drink as much of one of the mentioned drinks. **

A Great tip that Kim said in our video, is for champagne, you can place one bottle of Champagne at each table.

This should help you get a good idea on the number of servings you want to provide your invitados! You also might want to take into account your Tio Borracho and Tu Tia comelona (; If you end up with left over food, don’t worry, you’ll have lunch for the rest of the month!!



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