How To Choose The Perfect Colors For Your Quinceanera

Is your brain spinning? Planning a big event can be so stressful for those of us who have a hard time making decisions! The colors you choose for your big day will play a major role in the rest of the event planning, so they need to be decided on relatively early. We have narrowed it down to a few questions that will help you decide on some colors for your event.

A few questions to ask yourself before deciding on the perfect palette:

1. What color is my dress?

It’s your party! You want to accent the colors you chose for your day, not clash with them. Whether you are planning a wedding or quinceanera, the color and shade of your dress absolutely matter when choosing a color theme as it will be one of the main focuses of your day! Your wedding dress may be ivory, cream, or white. It may also have gold, silver, or color accents on it. These factors must be considered. Using a cream white rather than a white-white changes the tone of a color palette.

Quinceanera dresses tend to be colorful and include gold or silver accents as well. Match the color of your dress to a palette that compliments it. You might even consider using your dress color as one of the colors in your palette. For example, if your dress is red or has red accents, you might not want to choose a color palette with a different red hue, such as cranberry or burgundy. Instead, use the red shade from your dress as an accent color.

2. What does my venue look like?

Your venue might have all navy walls or huge gold chandeliers. These details can absolutely make your big day that much more gorgeous– as long as you take them into account and plan accordingly! We always suggest deciding on a venue before choosing a color scheme so that you don’t plan a Sunshine Yellow wedding, then decide on a room with gold wallpaper.

3. What colors accent me?

There are certain colors look better on some people than others. Think about what colors look awesome on you (and your partner, if planning a wedding) and start there. Take into consideration your own skin tone and hair color. Avoid harsh neons that might drown out some skin tones in photos.

4. Do I have an event theme?

The theme of your event can certainly influence the colors you choose. If you are planning a “Harry Potter” themed event, your colors are basically chosen for you! If you have a whimsical, floral theme, start looking at pastels and pretty floral colors.

5. What colors do I love?

This day is all about you; express yourself! Use the colors you absolutely love and always find yourself coming back to. You may also want to consider what your favorite flower is and what kind of greenery you have been dreaming of. One of the most difficult things about planning a big event is dealing with all the opinions of others. Yes, take your friend’s thoughts into consideration (if you want to), but ultimately decide based on what you love and what will make you happy.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! The colors you choose are important, but not as important as the event itself. Take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and get to work!

Happy planning!

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I have had my colors picked out for about a year now. A girl that we know is having her quince a few months before mine and has just decided on her colors. They just happen to be exactly the same as mine. What would you suggest? I don’t want to keep them and then have her tell everyone I copied her.

Hey Maria!

Congrats on your quince, I bet you’re super excited (we are too)!
It sucks that she chose the same colors BUT it’s not the end of the world.
You have many options!
For example:
1. You can switch your colors.
2. You can go to her quince, see what she’s done and do something completely different!
3. You can still do the same colors but incorporate a different theme!
4. Don’t pay any attention to her, and enjoy what you already have!!

Hopefully this helps you out!

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