Decorating A Quinceanera On A Budget

Use Greenery

Gorgeous greenery is really having a moment right now. Luckily for you, greens tend to cost less than flowers and can be used to accent your event décor. Try using a pretty, simple garland to lie across tables, or filling a glass vase with several different types of greenery. You can also save money by using flowers that are in season. Choose the right flowers with our Frugal Flower Guide.


Reuse Décor

Yes, we have already written about this one, but it’s so good we couldn’t resist saying it again. You can save a bit of money by reusing some of the décorations from your ceremony at your reception. This can be a lot of different items; a beautiful garland, fresh flowers, lanterns, or even bows. If planning a wedding, you might also consider reusing décorations from other events, such as your engagement party or bridal shower.

One of the best ways we have seen this implemented is by taking the garland from the ceremony arch and placing it on the head table at the reception! (Pictured below.) Many people also place vases with water on the head table so that the bouquets can be placed in them at the beginning of the reception.

Location Matters

If you choose a gorgeous venue for your big event, you will not need to do as much decorating. Decadent venues with wallpaper, sconces, and chandeliers will really only need table décor and possibly more lighting. Outdoor venues in landscaped areas like a garden will also need less decorating. With these types of venues, you can save money by only decorating what people will notice and adding extras like cute little signs.



Going with a clean, more modern look for your event can have its advantages: this look tends to cost less. Simplify your centerpieces to save a bit of cash. Using a single rose in a small glass as a centerpiece will look romantic and beautiful while remaining inexpensive. Another example is to decorate with white candles, floating in the water. This is classy, simple, and inexpensive. If you’re having your florist create arrangements for you, asking her to simplify and streamline them will definitely save you some money as well.


Light It Up

Lighting what you already have is an inexpensive way to add tons of charm and romance to your event. Using lights with some character can create a certain ambiance without being super expensive. If you are hosting outdoors, string lights around tree trunks and branches, or create a canopy with them. Find out more about Lighting Up Your Event

Large But Inexpensive

Decorating with inexpensive items, like balloons or big, paper lanterns can save you a bit of money. Balloons can be dressed up by draping them in tulle and can even be used as adorable centerpieces, or made into arches and banners! Paper lanterns can be found for less than $1 at some party supply stores and are an easy way to give your event a fun, whimsical feel.


Display Dessert

This is a two-for-one! Are you already planning to feed dessert to your guests right? Make use of your gorgeous desserts by setting them up as centerpieces. Instead of having one big cake, some people choose to put an individual cake on each guest table. Put a twist on this by filling jars with candy or setting out a platter of colorful donuts!


Need more? Read on to learn How to Plan Your Reception décor.


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