5 Simple Tips for an Amazing DIY Candy Buffet

Did you ever dream of attending a party with a massive table full of candy? 

Oversized Lollipop

As kids, we totally did! An awesome (and delicious) trend we’ve seen at a lot of weddings and quince años is the candy buffet. So, you can totally make that dream a reality for your event! If you are planning to have a candy buffet at your reception, you will be venturing into a DIY scenario, so we have a few tips for you!

  1. Favors or Dessert

Figure out your logistics first- do you want your candy buffet to simply be an extra dessert option at your reception, or do you want them to double as a favor? If you are using the candy buffet as a DIY favor, you’ll want to include jars or cute bags for your guests to put their candy in, like these in our shop (more about this on #4 below). Also, you’ll most likely need more candy if you are letting your guests take it home. If you are using the candy as an addition to the dessert table, you might want to let what you’re serving for dessert influence your candy choices. Variations of chocolate candies compliment cake well!

Wedding Candy Favor

  1. Candy Types

You can give your candy buffet a theme, or you can just include whatever you want! Chocolate lovers might do a decadent chocolate theme, with beautiful truffles and chocolate covered peanuts. Alternatively, some people choose to do “retro” candies, such as candy buttons, Chicklets, and Razzles. If you have a theme for your quince, this is an awesome way to express it!


  1. Presentation is Everything

To set up your candy buffet, you will need some awesome display jars and bowls. The best way to display all the candy is in large glass containers. You don’t really want all your guests sticking their hands inside the jars, so you will also want some large spoons or scoopers. You can find these items at almost any home goods store, or sometimes even at a second hand store! Your containers and scoopers don’t all have to be the same either- try using mismatched glass jars and colored spoons to achieve a fun, funky vibe!

Wedding Candy Buffet Presentation

4. Make it Special

Add your own special flair to your candy buffet! Include your favorite types of candy, candies that coordinate with your color scheme, and more! For favors, you can leave little tags with each guests name and a ribbon for them to tie onto their jar of candy. Or better yet, don the jars with a personalized sticker, like this one from our shop!Quinceanera Candy Buffet

  1. Have Fun With It!

The candy buffet is one of the most whimsical DIY activities you will encounter when planning for your big day. So, have fun with it! Visit a candy store, bring some friends, try lots of samples, and have an awesome time on this DIY adventure! Also, don’t forget to share the results with us on Instagram @mipadrinoevents 🙂


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