DIY Crystal Garland Centerpieces

If you want to make some homemade quinceanera centerpieces, check these out and learn how to recreate this beautiful centerpiece for only half of its original price!

For this Crystal Centerpiece DIY, you will need:

  • 6 Candle holders
  • 2 Round glass cutting boards
  • 1 Glass plate holder
  • Floral foam
  • Flowers
  • 24 Crystal garlands with 24 crystals in each garland
  • E6000 glue
  • Clear invisible nylon thread

Step 1:

Start by gluing a candle holder to the center of a glass cutting board. Then glue the second candle holder upside down on top. Allow the glue to dry all the way before the next step.

crystal centerpiece


Step 2:

Place the glass plate holder upside down on top of your already glued candle holders.

crystal centerpiece DIY

Step 3:

For this next step, you will need to glue the four remaining candle holders on top of the glass plate, placing them one right side up and one upside down until you are done with all four of them.

Step 4:

Take your second glass cutting board and start gluing one end of each crystal garlands evenly around the edge of the glass. Allow the glue to dry all the way before you start the next step.


Step 5:

Glue the glass plate with the crystals on top of the base that you had previously put together.

Step 6:

You can leave the beads hanging the way they are now, or you can take the invisible thread and loop it through the holes on the end crystal beads.  Once you have looped the thread all around, take the two ends to pull it together and tie it right under the middle glass plate holder. Make sure the thread is nice and tight.

Step 7:

Hang more crystals to the bottom loops for extra detail.

Step 8:

For the last step of this crystal centerpiece, take your floral foam, glue it down to the top plate, and decorate it with your choice of flowers.


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