Do-It-Yourself El Chavo del Ocho Centerpieces

How many people loved to watch El Chavo del Ocho when they were a child? Use this easy and cheap centerpiece for your older child’s fiesta!


El Chavo Characters photo printed about 7-10 inches tall
16 oz Water Bottle
Popsicle Sticks (about 20 per barrel)
Brown Ribbon
-3/8 inches
-5/8 inches
Flower Foam
Kabob Sticks
Brown Paper Shreds
Small Water Balloons
Hanging Birthday Decor
Straw Birthday Decorations
Sparkly Pipe Cleaners


Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Box Cutter


  1. Measure the height of the barrel with the popsicle stick, this will be where you cut the plastic bottle. Let about 3/4 of an inch of the popsicle stick hang off the top of the water bottle.
    Do it yourself wooden barrel How to make a wooden barrel for decor Round Barrel with Popsicle sticks
  2. Use the hot glue gun to glue each popsicle stick around the outside of the water bottle. Fill the sides until complete!
    Wooden Barrel for Rustic Decor DIY Popsicle Stick Crafts Popsicle Stick Barrel
  3. Using the 5/8th” Ribbon, measure around the barrel, cut two pieces of the 5/8th” ribbon, creating the metal hoops. Repeat with the 3/8th” ribbon. Hot glue each piece of ribbon around the barrel.
    Rustic Decor Popsicle Sticks DIY Metal Hoops for Barrels
  4. After you have picked out and printed the characters, carefully cut them out. Make sure you print the “El Chavo” logo!
    El Chavo Del 8 Cut Out Decor DIY Decor El Chavo with Sandwich
  5. Tape the characters on to the straw decorations.
    Use all different characters and sizes!
    Make your El Chavo Decorations El Chavo for your Birthday Decorations
  6. Using a razor blade, cut a piece of flower foam big enough to fit inside the barrel. Hot glue the foam piece inside of the barrel.
    DIY Metal Hoops for Barrels El Chavo Del 8 Make your own Tres Años Decor Make Your Own Wooden Barrel DIY Decor
  7. For the second piece of decor that will be in the barrel, break your kabobs in half for some variety in height.
    Using kabob sticks for decor Using kabob sticks as tools for decorating
  8. Cut different pieces out of the string decor and tape them individually to your kabobs.
    Stringed Birthday Decoration cut out Easy and cheap DIY Birthday decorations Birthday hat decorations young child
  9. Blow up 3 small water balloons using colors that will match your decor. We used green, white, and red!
    Using water balloons for small balloon red white and green accents
  10. Make the third piece of decor. Twist/tie all 3 balloons together using the pipe cleaner to hold them together while then working the pipe cleaner around the kabob stick.
    Red White Green Balloon Birthday Decorations  Use sparkly pipe cleaners for accent decor  DIY decor for an 8 year olds birthday
  11. Tape the cut out of “El Chavo” onto the front of your barrel.
    TV show Birthday Decorations
  12. Push all 3 of your decorated pieces into the flower foam.
    -El Chavo Character(s)  -Balloons
    -Birthday Decoration (s)
    DIY El Chavo decor with wooden barrel Making a centerpiece for a child's birthday party mexico color scheme ornaments
  13. Place the brown paper shreds into the barrel to cover the flower foam.
    Adding crimped paper shreds to your kids birthday party decor Add Crimpy Paper Shreds to your Decor Do It Yourself Birthday Decorations
    Be creative and have fun with this! Use a variety of matching colors to fit your event, use different sizes, characters and more.

Additional Ideas:

-Type phrases or table numbers relevant to your party and print them with a white background. Cut the sayings out as voice bubbles to act as if the characters are saying them.
-Glue shiny pipe cleaners around the voice bubble to decorate them.
-Print or cut out just the heads of each character for one centerpiece.


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