DIY Enchanted Rose Centerpiece

Check out this easy and inexpensive DIY enchanted rose centerpiece, and learn how you can make your centerpiece for your event using only dollar store materials.

For this Beauty and the Beast DIY enchanted rose centerpiece you will need:

  • Glass vase
  • Woven trivet
  • Wood adhesive
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 1 rose
  • LED string lights or fairy lights

Step 1:

Take your rose and make sure that it fits inside your vase. If the rose is too wide, cut some of the petals off of the rose and set them aside to use them later. Once your rose fits comfortably inside the vase, trim the stem shorter so the rose doesn’t touch the top of the vase.

Enchanted Rose Centerpiece step by step

Step 2:

Grab your trivet and cut it to the perfect size, to make a base for your DIY enchanted rose centerpiece. Once you have your base take the wood adhesive and cover the trivet with it.

Enchanted rose diy step 2

Step 3:

Add glue to the bottom of the rose stem, and place it in the middle of your base. Hold the rose right side up in the middle until the glue dries all the way.

Step 4:

Take some of the loose petals and place them on the base around the rose stem. Trim the loose rose petals if they are too big, so you can still see some of the wood base on the bottom.

Step 5:

Wrap your string lights around the rose. Place your glass vase over the rose and the rose petals, making sure that everything fits inside the glass vase.

We hope you enjoyed this Beauty and the Beast inspired Enchanted Rose centerpiece. If you do recreate this centerpiece make sure to take photos and tag Mi Padrino Events on Facebook or Instagram.

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