DIY Your Event : Budget-friendly Tips for Limited Budgets

We all know that the financial aspect is really important when planning an event. Budgets are stressed, and planning it is stressful. You want to have a beautiful event where everyone is talking about it, but seeing the price of what it costs to have your dream event makes you just want to curl up and cry. If this is you, we just wanted to let you know, it’s OK! We want you to save money AND have the event of your dreams, so take a look at a few of our money saving tips by getting crafty and doing some fun DIY projects!


Decorations can easily be some of the most expensive components of your event. The linens, the chair rentals, the centerpieces, etc. They all comprise to make a significant part of your budget that already isn’t included in most venue rentals. However, it can be really easy to DIY some of these things! Take inspiration from Pinterest boards or from magazines and go to town! 

Purchasing fabric for tablecloths and napkins plus a little hem glue can go a long way and save you money on renting linens. Scope out deals on fabric by using coupons or shopping online for inexpensive fabric. If you order online, make sure to order swatches of fabric well-ahead of time. Also, consider sprucing up plain fold up chairs by getting extra fabric and pretty ribbons or fabric.

If you want to DIY your centerpieces and other table decorations, seek out good specials either online or in person. You may need a few extra hands in case you must buy everything en masse but the savings will be worth it. If you don’t want to DIY it, you could also keep an eye out on buy-sell-trade sites to see if anyone is selling their centerpieces and decorations. Most of the time, the price is much cheaper than if you were to buy and make it yourself!


I bet you didn’t know this, but save tons of money by buying floral arrangements through a local warehouse club, such as Sam’s Club or Costco. They sell flowers for much cheaper than what your local florist would be able to quote you for. They may be more common, in-season flowers, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful!

If you are having a small wedding or a big wedding, calling ahead of time and placing your order to arrive a couple of days before your event is ideal, but there are some instances where making a last-minute trip is not able to be avoided. Pick up your flowers, gather volunteers from your friends and family, and get the ball rolling on your floral arrangements.

If you need inspiration and how-to’s on how to DIY your flower arrangements, take a look on YouTube or Pinterest and watch a few tutorials. There are many simple and easy tutorials for lovely arrangements that can be done with a little bit of dedication and some elbow grease. There is no bigger motivator than saving money and making memories with the people you love most helping you get your event together!


If you already have everything for your event already squared away and all you need to complete are your favors, consider yourself lucky. You just need a little bit of patience and nostalgia from helping making favors for your other parties to motivate you to DIY your favors. Favors don’t have to be super elaborate and they are always more meaningful when they come from your heart.

A few easy favor ideas you could make are sweets, such as cookies or candies. If you would rather go through a less-delicious route, bubbles or a picture frame always make pretty awesome favors too. The more useful your favor is, the more likely people are to use it and keep it, which is always a bonus!


We hope you found some of these DIY tips useful. Gather your army and get to work!


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