Do-It-Yourself Paris Centerpieces

Use this first theme, DIY Paris Centerpieces, to decorate with a sense of love, adding pinks and reds with a variety of lights and roses. Scroll down to see our bonus theme!


Version 1:

Metal Eiffel Tower
15 Cake Topper
Serving Tray
Metal Wreath
Styrofoam Wreath
Square Floral Foam
Zip Ties
Artificial Roses
Tea Candle Holders 
LED Tea Light Candles
Submersible LED lights
Small Wooden Numbers


Box Cutter
Hot Glue Gun


1) Lay the wreath wire inside of the serving tray.
Cheap and Easy DIY Paris Centerpiece Base

2) Cut or break the wreath foam into four equal pieces.
Low Cost Quinceañera DIY Paris Theme Simple Instructions build an Eiffel Tower ornament for your Wedding Simple Decorations for Paris themed Quince

3) Zip tie all four pieces onto the metal wreath and cut the remaining parts of the zip tie.
Homemade decor for your wedding Step By Step How to on Do It Yourself Paris Theme Low Cost Do It Yourself France Decoration

4) Cut your flowers so there is about 1 – 1.5 inches of stem left to stick into the flower foam.
Paris Quince with Eiffel Tower Decor Paris Quinceañera Themed DIY Centerpiece Wedding Centerpieces DIY

5) Press your flowers into the flower foam by color so the flowers are evenly distributed.
DIY Love Paris Themed Wedding Centerpiece DIY Centerpiece Flower Foam with Red Artificial Roses Artificial Red, Pink and White Roses and Leaves DIY

6) Cut the leaves off of your roses and fill in the rest of the foam that is still visible. Make it lush!
Artificial Rose Wreath Centerpiece DIY Artificial Rose leaves for DIY Eiffel Tower Centerpiece Artificial Leaves Lush DIY Centerpiece

7) Place the Submersible LED lights in the center of the serving tray. Use the remote to turn on the lights!
Color changing LED light centerpiece LED lit centerpiece

8) Optional: Decorate small wooden numbers and glue them to the top of our Eiffel Tower to act as table numbers or, use a cake topper 15!
DIY Paris Table Numbers Table Numbers on your centerpieces

9) If you’d like to add height to your Eiffel Tower so the base legs appear above the flowers, use the rectangular flower foam. Cut the foam into two smaller rectangles and hot glue gun them to the serving tray in the middle of your wreath.
Cheap Do It Yourself Eiffel Tower Centerpiece Using hot glue to make your DIY Centerpiece  Paris DIY made with artificial roses

10) Glue or place the Eiffel Tower on top of the flower foam. Fill in the new foam with more flowers so the foam is not visible.
Eiffel Tower DIY made with artificial flowers Paris DIY up-lit with color changing LED light Paris DIY with Metal Eiffel Tower and roses

11) Optional Lighting: Use tea candle holders of different heights and LED tea lights. Place one on either side of the Eiffel Tower.
Paris DIY with Long Stem Candle Holders with LED Lights Centerpiece with Color Changing LED Lights LED Candle Lit Rose Centerpiece DIY


Love the flapper’s sense of style?
Create this centerpiece for a classy but fun look.


Round Mirror
String LED lights
Decorative Pearls
Small Frame
Rose Flower Ball (white) 

1) Bunch up the String LED Lights into the Eiffel Tower.
Paris Centerpiece with LED String Lights Quince LED String Lights Inside an Eiffel Tower DIY Paris

2) Use a round mirror as the base of this centerpiece.
Mirror and LED Lighting Centerpiece Base DIY Paris

3) Optional Lighting: Place a Submersible LED light and both tea light candle holders and lights on the mirror on both sides.
Mirror base centerpiece Do It Yourself Up-lit centerpiece DIY Eiffel Tower

4) Decorate the surrounding area with decorative pearls.
Paris Pearls Do It Yourself Flapper Girl Themed DIY Centerpiece Paris

5) Add a few accent pieces like a small frame and rose! The frame could either have a picture of the Quinceañera herself or, the table number!
Do It Yourself Flapper Themed Paris Centerpiece 20's Themed Paris DIY

6) Make a flower ball yourself, or buy a pre-made one on Amazon to place on the top of your Eiffel Tower.
DIY Top of Eiffel Tower White Rose Ball

Voilá! You now can escape to your dream destination – Paris!


Read our Paris Themed Quinceañera for more Paris inspiration!

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