Do-It-Yourself Dama Proposal Gift Box

“Will you be my Dama?!”

Make your dama, or anyone a part of your Quinceañera, a personalized gift box!

Whether you want to ask your dama to be in your court, or you want to say thank you to your tía who helped make your decorations at your quince, this DIY gift box is for anyone. Make sure you thank the people who are a part of your big day. They are taking the time to help you celebrate in the best possible way!

Materials/Optional Gifts:

Choose a few gifts, one or all! Tell us what else you’d put in your DIY Gift Box!


1) Make a list of what you could put in each dama’s box, so you can prepare them all together if you’re making many for your court.

2) Prep your box! Use a decorated shoe-box or a box you can buy one at any craft store. You can decorate the box with their name and favorite colors!

3) Buy a cardboard letter of your friend’s first initial. You can buy your letters big or small, use their first or last name, or anything you want!
Be creative! Remember, wrapping the yarn may be more difficult for some letters based on their shape!

4) Buy yarn that you know your dama would love. Use their favorite color, multiple colors for a rainbow effect, or shades of one color for an ombre effect.

5) Start by securing the beginning of your yarn to the cardboard letter with hot glue, using the hot glue gun (have an adult help you!).

6) Hold your yarn tight and start twisting the letter around, or wrap the string around the letter while holding it still, whichever works best for you.

7) Push the yarn flush so it is tight. This way the yarn will not fall apart and no cardboard is revealed!

8) Use the glue stick as needed to keep the whole thing from falling apart in the future.

9) Cut the end of the yarn and hide it in the back or in between the yarn, glue it here.

10) Add a custom mug with candy! You can either order one online, or make one!
Simply draw your message or design on a mug with a sharpie, then (have an adult) place in the oven at 250° for 2 hours.

11) Add trinkets your dama can relate to. Add things they like or something that reminds them of your friendship, like something from an inside joke.

12.) Everyone loves smell goods! Add their favorite candle, perfume, or soaps.

13) If you don’t have time to make something homemade, an easy gift to put in their box is a dama robe or custom clothing they could wear while getting ready for your Quinceañera!

  • 5 ColorsPink Quinceanera Robe for Damas

    ‘Dama’ Cotton Lace Robes

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  • 2 Colors ON SALE

    Dama/Quince/Novia Bomber Jacket

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  • 4 Colors ON SALE

    Dama/Quince/Novia Prism Tee-Shirt

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  • 17 Colors

    Personalized Satin Robe in Metallic Print

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Start Shopping for your Damas!

14) Make your dama feel special! Buy a journal or card and write a note telling them how much you love them!

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