Enchanted Forest Theme Quinceañera Inspiration


“The forest is filled with magic and secrets…” 

Looking for something unique and magical for your quinceañera theme? Maybe you’re not into the same-old typical themes. Well, if you’re into earthy vibes, an enchanted forest theme quinceañera would be perfect for you! An Enchanted Forest Theme Quinceañera will allow you to create your very own fairy tale!  You can fill your enchanted forest theme quinceañera up with vines, trees, butterflies, florals, fairy lights, and even mystical forest creatures! Oh, and of course, lots and lots of greenery. Having an enchanted forest theme quinceañera will leave your guests in awe when they walk into a forest full of magical decorations and possibly mystical forest creatures! 


Pre Quinceanera Photoshoot

We think having a pre-quinceañera shoot for your enchanted forest theme quinceañera will be the best part of the planning process! You and your photographer can get creative with this and head to your local mystical forest. Have fun with it and dress up as a fairy or fairy princess! A pre-quinceañera photoshoot will allow for you to give your guests a sneak peek of what to expect at your quince! 

Dress the Part

Choosing the dress for an enchanted forest theme quinceañera will be the one of the most fun parts! We recommend going for bright colored dresses such as turquoise, light pink, light purple, or white. We also recommend ‘flowy’ dresses with lots of tulle material at the bottom. You could also look for dresses with floral accents on the dress. There are so many choices you could go with for an enchanted forest theme quinceañera!


Decorations for an Enchanted Forest Theme Quinceañera will be a major part of the party! You want to really allow your guests to enter into a mystical forest. 

Key elements to making your enchanted forest theme come to life are:

  • Moss
  • Trees
  • Fairy Lights
  • Mushrooms
  • Vines
  • Light Bulb Terrariums
  • Mason Jars
  • Candles
  • Butterfly Decor
  • Bauble Holders
  • Wood Slices



There are so many possibilities you could do for your guest’s tables and main table for your enchanted forest theme quinceañera! You can have more greenery and wood decorations, or add color by adding tons of flowers! Some decorations we recommend for your tables would be having wood slices as table placements, using trees as centerpieces, and using fairy lights to wrap around the greenery used on the table. Here are a few ideas for centerpiece tables that include your key elements. Remember to create your centerpieces the way you want!


Enchanted Forest Cake

The possibilities are endless for an Enchanted Forest Theme Quinceañera! You could go crazy and add butterflies, flowers, vines, tree stumps, and much more. 

Having an enchanted forest theme quinceañera can transport you and your guests to a magical and whimsical world. There are many things you can do for this theme and many DIY projects that can save you tons of money! Let us know your ideas or what you did in the comments below, or on facebook and instagram!

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