Arabian Nights Quinceañera Inspiration

I’m like a shooting star
I’ve come so far
I can’t go back to where I used to be…

Quince Queens, did you grow up loving Princess Jasmine? We can’t argue that her bold, spirited, and confident nature made her a perfect Disney princess for many of us. Having an Arabian Nights Quinceañera party could be perfect for all Aladdin movie fans!

The sky is the limit when planning an Arabian Nights Quinceañera! We have loads of inspiration that can help you with planning, including decor, makeup, and even fun entertainment! Ultimately, the goal of your Arabian Nights Quinceañera is to immerse your damas, chambelanes, family, friends, etc into a “whole new world.”

Arabian Nights Decor

When it comes to decorating your Arabian Nights Quinceañera reception venue, we recommend going with bright, romantic colors, such as fuschia, teal, orange, and purple! Oh, and one color that is a MUST is gold! You want to have your accent color as gold, it’s a signature color for a party like this.

There are sooo many things you could incorporate into your Arabian Nights Quinceañera. The decorations will be the key elements at your quince if you really want to engage your guests in this magical night! Check out some of our top recommendations to incorporate into your Arabian Nights Quinceañera:

  • Ottomans
  • Cushions
  • Candles & Lanterns
  • Curtains
  • Multi-colored Beads
  • Gold Frames
  • Genie Lamps
  • Elephant/Camel Figurines
  • Magic rugs

Cake & Desserts

On top of your 3 wishes from your magic genie, you get a bonus one for blowing out your candles at your Arabian Nights Quinceañera! Check out some of these amazing, detailed cakes, plus other tasty desserts!


Makeup, Hair, and Accessories

Iconic makeup for an Arabian Nights Quinceañera will DEFINITELY include a smokey eye with a sharp wing. Add bold lashes and gold glitter for a dramatic look! Don’t forget the gold accessories to complete your quince fashion! You can try adding glistening headpieces or huge neckpieces and earrings for an eye-catching appearance! Check out some of the makeup looks and accessories below for inspiration!



One of your 3 wishes from your genie should be to have the greatest Arabian Nights Quinceañera EVER! We have some incredible ideas for entertaining your party guests.

  • Henna Tattoo Artist: Skip the photobooth and favors and instead rent out a Henna Tattoo artist to give your guests temporary designs that will last a couple of weeks!
  • Belly Dancers: Instead of having a baile sorpresa, search for belly dancers near your area! This would add a unique touch to a quinceañera and your guests will love it!
  • A Camel: Yes…a camel! One featured Quince Queen had a camel at her quinceañera and it was a complete hit! Check out her Moroccan theme Quinceañera below:

Arabian Nights Quinceañera’s


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    Invitaciones de quinceañera de encaje exquisita corte láser

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  • Arco del Taj Mahal

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  • Beaded Halter Quinceañera Dress By Morilee 89224

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  • Beaded Keyhole Quinceañera Dress By Morilee 89236

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  • 1 Colors

    Black Glitter Candles (Set of 2)

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  • Botella morada del genio de pie

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  • Camello de pie

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  • Columna del Taj Mahal

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  • Elefante de pie

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  • Entrada estilo Mil y Una Noches

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  • Gold Number Candles (Set of 2)

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  • Kit de Mil y Una Noches Árabes

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  • Lámpara de genio

    Lámpara de genio

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  • Linterna de Mil y Una Noches

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  • Pared del Taj Mahal

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  • Trasfondo fotográfico del Taj Mahal

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  • Trasfondo Taj Mahal

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    Vestido de tul estilo princesa con bordado de cuentas para quinceañera con escote de volantes de Morilee 89181

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  • Votivas de Mil y Una Noches (juego de 4)

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