Assembling Your Invitations Step by Step

Put together your invites with ease by following these directions! Start with ordering your invitations 5 months prior to your event. This will give you enough time for you to receive, assemble, and mail them out. This will also give guests enough time to RSVP!! Click here to read about invitation etiquette.

You may have more or less steps depending on your materials and type of the invites you bought.


Laser Cut Out (This goes on the outside and holds your insert card)
Insert Card (This has all your pertinent information, like the event date and locations)
Decorative Glitter Background (This is a glittery background that goes behind your insert card)
Ribbon (1 yard per invite)
Brooch (We have many different kinds, pick your favorite!)


Detailed Oriented Friends!
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (you can also use sticky dots but we find that hot glue works better)


1. After receiving your invites and ribbon, cut the ribbon in one yard pieces, you need one for each invite.

2. Place a thin line of hot glue on the top and bottom of the glittery background, or use sticky dots from the craft store. Remember, a little goes a long way! Place your insert onto the decorative glitter background.

3. Repeat step 2 and glue the top and bottom of the laser cut out. Place the insert (which is already glued to the glitter background) into the laser cutout. Tip: Place any other inserts inside starting from biggest to smallest.

4. Create a beautiful bow around the invitation using the loop, swoop and pull method.

5. Put both ends of the ribbon through the brooch and hot glue the brooch on the ribbon.

6. Cut both ends of the ribbons in a V shape by folding the end of the ribbon in half, “hot dog style”, and cutting in a diagonal shape from the folded edge. Do this to both of the ends of your ribbon.

7. Place the invites into envelopes (make sure the envelope is already addressed before this step!!)

TIP: Host a fun get together with your damas and have every person do a step! Have the person that ties bows the best do step 4!

This can be a long process, especially if you are by yourself. Be sure to order your invites early so you have enough time for this!


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