Enchanted Forest DIY Centerpiece

Add a whimsical dimension to your theme with this Hula Hoop Enchanted Forest DIY Centerpiece!


Kids Size Hula Hoop
3 inch Floral Foam
5×7 Frame
Hanging Baskets
Artificial Flowers
4 mm Beaded Trim
Other Decorative Beads
LED Tea Light Candles


Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Scissors or Wire Cutters


1. Spray paint the hula hoop your desired color.

2. Using the hot glue gun, glue the floral foam onto the frame as a base.

3. If you’d like, take apart the hula hoop and pour out the beans!

4. With force, insert either side of the hula hoop into the center of each side of the floral foam about an inch and hot glue to secure the hula hoop from falling over.

5. Starting with the largest flower, cut the stems and start  the flower foam ending placing the smaller ones last. Play with different looks to see what you like the best!

7. Hang your baskets with one about 6 inches lower than the other, twist the pearls around one another and hot glue on both sides.

8. Cut 3 pieces of the glass beads to hot glue and hang between your baskets as a sparkly accent.

9. Hot glue the same artificial flowers on the top of the hula hoop to hide the dried glue! Start in the center with the biggest flowers and work your way out to the smallest.

10. Cut the petals off the artificial flowers and place them in the basket to hold the LED candles.

Remember you can use this for any theme with different flowers and colors, or even hang it as ceiling decor! We love this easy and youthful piece! Need more help step by step? Watch Berenice make it live! For more quince inspiration, tips & tricks, check out our Pinterest and Instagram. Happy planning!


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