Quinceañera Survival 101: Everything You Need to Know About Quinceañera Expos

It’s Quinceañera Expo SZN!

We know quinceañera planning can be quite overwhelming and stressful, especially if it’s your first time planning for one! If you’re trying to decide whether you should attend one or not, we say ‘JUST DO IT’! A quinceanera expo is the perfect place to get a head start on your quinceañera planning!

Why Should You Attend a Quinceañera Expo?

You can expect just about anything at a quinceañera expo- it’s kind of like speed dating! We listed out the main reasons why you should attend one and all the cool and unique things you’ll see if you go!

  • Find Quinceanera Vendors in Your Area
    • Meet with them face to face
    • Take advantage of any package deals or coupons they’re offering
    • Compare prices with other competitors
    • Ask them ALL your questions (Check out the vendor question list below!)
  • Meet Other #QuinceQueens 
    • Share your ideas or be inspired by other girl’s XV plans!
    • Make new friends! 

  • Check Out the Latest Trends!
    • Get ideas and inspiration on dresses, music, cakes, decor, & more! 
  • Watch a Fashion Show
    • You’ll see the NEWEST dresses from different designers! 

  • Win Prizes & Enter Giveaways
    • We’ve seen expos give away cars, vacation packages, makeup sessions and much, much, more! Make sure to enter all of them! 
  • Free Swag 
    • There will be booths giving away free goodies…Another reason to go!


Quinceañera Expo Tips

We know how quinceañera expos can be. They are crowded, overwhelming, & sometimes stressful. Don’t worry! We have the best tips on how to conquer any quince expo and make it completely stress free! We want you to completely enjoy this experience, so keep all these tips in mind before you attend one!

  1. Create an XV Email & Phone Number
    1. One way of keeping organized is to create a separate email for all your quinceanera needs. Most vendors at the expo will probably ask you for your contact info and having that email will be perfect! As far as your phone number, you can create a free phone number using google voice! We personally hate not knowing who may be calling on our personal phones. A free number will allow you to know who may be calling you. 
  2. Bring pre-printed labels
    1. One of the most annoying things in the expo is having to constantly write down your contact info to potential vendors or giveaways. Print out labels that you can easily give to these potential people. You do NOT want to keep writing this same info over and over, when you can use that time to check out more things! Make sure to include:
      1. Name
      2. Contact Number
      3. Event Date
  3. Know Your XV Date
    1. You will want to know the EXACT date of your quinceañera. There are going to be so many vendors there and you want to make sure they’ll be available for your event!
  4. Have a Rough Estimate of your Budget
    1. When you talk to vendors, you’ll want to ask about pricing! Do some research before and see what the general pricing of vendors are. You don’t want to go over your budget! Use Mi Padrino’s Planning App to help you with all your budgeting needs!
  5. Bring a Notebook
    1. Jot down information, prices, packages, etc. on all the vendors. Once you get home, you can look at all the information you wrote down and received, so you can do more research and compare pricing! 
  6.  Book Vendors on the Spot
    1. If you are really interested in the availability the vendor has, book them right then to hold your spot! You want to be able to hold your spot before another person does. Make sure you ask about any cancellation fees.
  7. Stalk your Vendors (Okay, not literally…)
    1. That will give you an idea on how they will fit for the big day! Also, look through their reviews!
  8. Buy Tickets Online
    1. You’ll be able to buy tickets the same day at the door, BUT why waste time? Buy them early online and skip the line!
  9. Bring people who ACTUALLY want to be there
    1. Expos are all about being excited about your party! Invite your closest damas, primas, or whoever will be there through your quince planning experience. Don’t bring someone who will be complaining about the crowds, prices, food, etc. Remember, you want your day to be the best ever! Enjoy the process and surround yourself that will also enjoy it with you.
  10. Snap Pictures and Take Videos
    1. XV Expos can be quite overwhelming! There will be so many booths and it’s quite easy to forget about the vendor you loved 10 booths ago! Take pictures of the certain vendors or booths you would love at your XV! Make sure to also take videos of the dresses you loved during the fashion show! You’ll be able to go through your pictures and videos later and see everything you loved! 
  11. Enter ALL the Contests
    1. There are always some amazing prizes being given away at expos! They vary from free dresses, makeup sessions, free DJ time, vacations and much much more! Enter ALL of them! Someone is bound to win, and it could be you, but only if you enter!!

  12. Follow Up with Vendors
    1. The vendors at the expo are going to be overwhelmed by the countless contact info they received. Don’t wait on them to contact you, and contact them first, especially if you had a favorite! The last thing you want is for them to not be available on your date!
  13. Keep an Open Mind
    1. It is important to keep an open mind at quinceañera expos. You will encounter a ton of ideas, inspiration, and services that you may have not thought about prior to attending. Enjoy the experience and note things that you loved.

What You Should Ask Your Vendors

Here are a few basic questions you can ask your vendors while you’re at the expo!

  • Is this date available?
  • Can you share pictures or videos/examples of your work?
  • Do you have any special discount packages?
  • Do you have payment plans? 
  • What’s the best way to get in contact with you?
  • Do you have a website? Social Media? 

Purchase our XV Planning Book for all the specific questions you can ask each individual vendor. If you’re at a quinceanera expo we are attending, make sure to stop by our booth and pick one up! 




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