Top 10 Guest Book Alternatives

There are tons of creative ways to let your guests leave you a message on the day of your event. Traditionally, guests will sign a book and leave a message for you to look back on later throughout your life. Your guest book doesn’t even need to be a book, though! Take a peak at some of our favorite guest book alternatives below.

Guest Book Frames

We are totally obsessed with these guest book frames. Simply put out some pens and let your guests sign a wooden heart. They then drop the heart into a frame, and voila! Your guest book frame is a perfect addition to your living room wall! Easily hang your frame anywhere in the home for a beautiful reminder of your event!


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Photobooth Guest Books

If you plan on having a photobooth at your event, in most cases you won’t need a guest book, too! Usually the photobooth vendor will include a book; your guests can glue their photo strip to a page and then sign their names and leave you a message. These guest book alternatives are a fun visual, and it’s also a really fun bonus for your guests, because they will usually get a copy of the photo strip to take home. This means you are saving money on favors and on a guest book!

If you want to find a photobooth, check out our local vendors here!

Polaroid Station

We stan polaroids. There’s something about the instant gratification of watching the photo appear like magic that we just love! Why not share some of that magic with your guests? All you need for this guest book alternative is a Polaroid camera and some sort of backdrop/background. You can take a large old frame for people to pose behind, or throw a sheet up behind the camera and add some flowers to it. Have all your guests add a message to their photos, and clip them to a string or frame for a really cute memory of the night!

Flower Pot

Having all your guests sign a large flower pot is an eco-friendly way to remember your night! It’s something that will last forever (if you can keep your plants alive better than we can), and is a perfect addition to your house! A guest book might sit on a shelf for years before it’s looked at, but a flower pot is a timeless decoration that you can keep front and center!

Memory Block Tower

Using a memory block tower instead of a guest book is very fun, because you can still use it later on to play Jenga!

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Create Art!

You can buy or draw a picture and have your guests each add a fingerprint, as a leaf, balloon, heart, or other creative shape! They can leave them just like that, or sign their fingerprint as well! You aren’t stuck with just trees or balloons either. You can create any type of design for your guests to add their fingerprints to!

guest book alternatives

Record a Video Message

Have your guests record a video or audio message on the night of your event. This will work better if you have fewer guests, since this allows all your guests to take the time to speak a long, heartfelt message to you. We love the idea of this, because you will always have the voices of your loved ones at your fingertips. That may not matter at the time, but years down the road it will mean the world to you!

Etched Glass Frame

Having an etched glass guest book frame is a great alternative to a traditional frame that your guests would sign. These are really cool because your guests carve their names into the glass (so hopefully they don’t mess up!). This is another great decoration that you can use in your home after the big day.

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Puzzle Pieces

There are a couple different ways to use a puzzle as a guest book. You can print the guest(s) of honor onto a puzzle, and then have each guest sign the back of the puzzle piece. You can also have them sign the front of the puzzle pieces instead, so you can actually see the signatures when your puzzle is put together.

Guest Book Quilt

Last but not least, we love the idea of creating things with something from each of your loved ones. Have each of your guests sign a swatch of fabric, and then stitch them all together to make a blanket, quilt, or really anything you want!



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