8 Essential Wedding Registry Categories

When it comes time to make your wedding registry, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what to put on it. Do you put big items or will that seem insulting? Do you really have to put china settings on your registry if you know you’ll never use them? Putting everything you want but not a lot of the items you need isn’t always the best idea. We have created a list below so you can ensure you get the things you really need.

Dinner Dishes

1. Dishes

Yes, you do need a good set of dishes but they don’t have to be china. Choose dishes that go with your lifestyle! Are you classic and neutral? Do you like to mix it up with prints and color? Stick with your style and don’t be pushed into tradition, especially if you know you’ll never use a china set. Get a set that accommodates six to eight people.


2. Personalized Serving Dishes and Tools

This is probably the only time that you’ll score some fancy platters and serving spoons with your monogram on it, so why not take advantage of it? You never know when you’ll want to dress up your table with your personalized items and relive your wedding. Pick a platter, large bowl, serving fork and spoon, and a set of tongs.


3. Kitchen Gadgets

You’re going to need items such as a blender, microwave, and iron. However don’t ask for a toaster if you don’t think you’ll need it. Make sure you get appliances you know you will like and use.

4. Tupperware

Believe it or not, you can never have enough of this stuff! Register for a good sized set. Also, consider asking for a glass food storage set, such as Pyrex, since these will last you a long time.

5. Flatware

You’re going to need something to eat your food with, right? Look for sets that have a design or color that please you, and add it to your gift registry. You don’t want to get stuck with something that you’re not happy with.


6. Cookware 

People love to buy cookware so pick out your favorite line and put it down. You’ll want a few different types including non-stick pans, heavy enamel pots, and stainless-steel.

7. Linens, Bed Spreads, and Towels 

You really do need to put sheets and towels on your registry and you can never have too many! Request two to three towels per person. 

Also put 2-3 sets of linens for each bed. If you use comforters, put at least one thick one for winter, and one thin one for summer.

8. Something Fun

You’re going to have people that don’t want to buy you something practical and boring, so be sure to include a few fun and random things on your registry like a bluetooth speaker or some funky planters. Some people really love the idea of buying you something cool that they know you’ll love than something more practical.

So, those are your must-haves for your wedding registry! Of course, there are many things you could add to your registry, but we are sure that with these eight essentials you and your significant other will be prepared for your newlywed life. Remember to have fun when picking out items for your registry, but also if you really want something, ask for it even if it isn’t necessary! If you never ask, you will miss out!


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