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On your big day, it can be tricky to transport yourself and your court from point A to point B smoothly. Even though the logistics might be challenging, don’t forget that you can make a great statement with your transportation – one that enhances the style of your event and makes for great photos too! Below are some tips for scheduling and planning your transportation. Let’s go find some wheels!

Vintage Car for Wedding Day

Head Count

It’s really important to know who is in need of transportation on your big day. This way, you can be sure that all of the VIP’s get to the event on time and that no one gets left behind. For most large events, that means the bride and groom or Quinceanera, parents, the attendants, siblings that are not in the wedding party, and grandparents. Some people provide transportation for special relatives or guests who are coming out of town. However you are not required to do this and it is not necessarily expected. You are also not expected to provide transportation for the entire wedding party. If you are concerned with guests getting lost (or having too much fun), renting a party bus is a fun and practical!


Reception Ride

If you are planning on only riding with your significant other to the reception, you can arrange to have a dream ride pick you up. However, don’t forget about your guests that rode with you to the ceremony! Arrange rides for them as well. If you are planning on taking a wedding party with you, make sure you have the head count and that everyone can fit comfortably! Regardless of who rides with you, make sure to have the photographer in the car! Those post-ceremony car pictures are classic and fun! Need to save some money? You can arrange for a drop-off and pick-up service so the drivers won’t wait during the ceremony and you won’t need to pay them for that time.


Clear DirectionsWedding Day Vintage Car

Your guests need to know exactly where your wedding will be. Don’t count on everyone having access to a GPS system in their car or smartphone. Besides the address, it can be very helpful to give a small map with street locations in relation to your venue along with your wedding invitations. You can also add a map to your MiPadrino website to give your guests easy access! To your drivers, provide a call sheet with every name, pick-up and drop-off addresses and time, and detailed directions. Also make sure to include emergency phone numbers in case the driver gets lost.


Important Questions

Here is a list of some important questions you can ask limo or car companies:

  • Is there a special wedding package? (If the company is strictly for weddings, they might throw in balloons or champagne flutes)
  • If you contract for multiple cars, do you get a discount?  
  • Are you responsible for the cost of gas or mileage or do the cars come with a set of free miles and gas?
  • What does the driver wear? (It may not matter to you whether it’s formal clothing or not, but if it does matter you wouldn’t want the driver to show up in jeans)
  • Ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate and operating license.


Final Thoughts on Transportation

Beware of the holidays! If you are having a wedding during the holidays or during graduation season, make sure you make your reservation 5 to 6 months in advance. And don’t feel pressured into renting a limo if your budget does not allow for that. As long as it is clean and safe, you can make almost any ride look beautiful with decorative flower bouquets, ribbons, and even balloons. You can count on having a lovely drive to your reception!

We hope these ideas were helpful and gave you some insight for your reception transportation!

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