Finding The Perfect Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your quinceanera can seem overwhelming. How do you know if you’ve picked the right one for your style and budget? We’ve sat down with Melissa from Blue Door Venue, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to get her wisdom and insight on making the best, most educated decision. Let’s find the perfect venue for your event, New Mexico edition!

How Do You Find The Perfect Venue?

When choosing your event venue, whether it be for a quinceanera, wedding, or anything in between we’ve compiled a list of important things to know. Read on, and in no time you’ll be a venue guru! Keep your budget in mind, as well as your guest list and let’s get to it!

Important Things To Know:

1 – Do Your Research:

While you are finding the perfect venue, you will need to do some research. Are you planning on bringing your own food, or are you wanting to hire a venue that has on-site catering? When is your quince? If it is hot outside, you’ll want to make sure the venue you choose has air conditioning. How many guests are you planning on inviting? These are all important things to know before you start looking for venues, as it can help narrow down your realistic options. Remember that there will always be a few people that will forget to RSVP — so make sure you have plenty of room.

Melissa from Blue Door Venue tells us that, most people just forget to plan their layouts. “They come in the day of and not know where to out tables, food, etc. Here at Blue Door though, we offer clients a ‘Walk Through Wednesday,’ this is usually the week of the event or a few weeks before, and they come in to see where they are going to put everything! That way the day of is not so stressful!”

2 – Plan Wisely:

Like we talked about above, some venues will cater the food as well, but remember that you (and your padrinos) are paying for this partay — so try to avoid steak and lobster for 300 people. If the reception hall provides the comida, it sometimes is best to choose a buffet-style banquet. This way, you don’t have to hire waitstaff in addition, which will help keep the cost to a minimum. Some venues will allow you to bring your own food, like Blue Door. “So bring your Tia, if she makes great enchiladas!” Melissa says, “The staff at Blue Door Venue know first hand how expensive celebrations like your quince años can be”.

3 – To Drink or Not To Drink:

Some venues will include a free open bar in their price — but this comes at a much higher price. If you and your party planning committee decide you want to serve alcohol, think of doing a ticket system instead of an open bar. This way, each adult can get 2 or 3 tickets that they can trade in for drinks. After their tickets are gone, they will pay for each additional drink. (Bonus, no crazy drunk escandalos!)

4 – Timing Is Everything:

You want to make sure you think about the timing of your event. Some event halls have a time that you need to be out by, and you want to make sure you don’t have to rush anything. Melissa adds, “For my personal events before Blue Door, I didn’t book a venue, we booked halls instead. They were nothing compare to Blue Door Venue. We had to be out by midnight at the hall, but here our clients have it for 24 hours!” Trust us, this is a HUGE benefit. The last thing you will want to do the night of your event is clean up a huge mess.

5 – Stick To Your Budget:

Your budget is a super important aspect of finding the perfect venue. Don’t go into a venue, fall in love, envision yourself dancing the night away with your closest family and friends — only to find out that it is WAY out of your price range. The best way to keep from breaking your own heart? KNOW your budget, before you go to look at a venue. Ultimately, the place you choose will end up special to you, as it will hold tons of super fun memories.

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