Flower Crowns: Make Your Very Own Floral Headdress

The time building up towards your quinceañera can be exhausting, exciting, and nerve-wracking. Our heads are filled with so many ideas of every detail of the big day (as if you have time to stress about anything else!). Throughout your planning journey, you should set aside some time to relax and enjoy some time with your friends and family, so you can stress less. Why not check something off your to-do list at the same time? Making a DIY Flower Crowns Floral Headdress is both fun and productive.  So grab your glue gun, it’s time for some DIY Flower Crowns!

There are many different types of floral crowns, the four most popular styles of DIY Floral Headdress being the following:


1. Halo Floral Crown

The first flower crown (the Halo) can be created by using Zip-Ties. Who would have thought this amazing halo effect is created simply by fastening your headband to some zip ties? Not us! Halo headdresses were very popular at the 2018 Met Gala where the theme was “Heavenly Bodies, Fashion, and the Catholic Imagination”. This style would be great for any princess theme quinceanera: it can serve as a replacement for your tiara – and you can color coordinate with your decor! #quincegoals

2. Fascinator Flower Headdress

This style is great for fancy events. It reveals such elegance as it is tilted to the side and can even replace a bride’s veil. You can create a dazzling headdress by adding flowers that match the colors of your event. You can also add a spectacular piece of jewelry, and a piece of tulle or chiffon. This type of style would be great for any event with a Renaissance theme or for those obsessed with a Royalty Theme.

3. Ribbon Flower Crown

This style is great for you or your damas! It is relatively easy to make: you will need a piece of ribbon that is complementary to your head size. You can add whatever accessories you like — from flowers to a butterfly. It can even be used as a fancy collar for your dog if you’d like your fur baby with you on your special day.

dia de los muertos wedding

4. Classic Floral Headdress

Finally, the style we have all been waiting for, the classic – known by many as the “Frida Kahlo” style. This headdress would go great for any day of the dead themed events, (check out this one!)… You can recreate one of Frida’s famous crowns or you can add your own spice to it. This one may remind you of a hat as it sits on your head.

Need a break from stressing? If you find yourself in California, consider visiting one of our favorite vendors: The Headdress Workshop — located near the Fruitvale district in Oakland, California. They offer DIY floral crown making classes so you can design your own headdress to wear to your quinceanera, wedding, a Day of the Dead celebration, music festival, or anywhere you want.

You choose from a wide selection of artificial flowers in various colors and shapes to design your headdress & the flowers are artificial, so you will be able to wear your floral crown headdress for years to come. Additionally, you can adorn your crown with other materials available such as butterflies, shells, foliage and things that  s p a r k l e  so everyone can see your creative side.

The class (every Sunday from 1:30 – 3:30 PM) unleashes your inner creative side that you may have thought did not exist. No previous crafting experience is necessary.  All you need is imagination and the ability to use a glue gun. You can bring your quince court or bridesmaids to the class and everyone can leave wearing something astonishing that they made by hand. If you want to make it a family affair and bring your grandmother, mother, sisters, tias, padrinos and cousins, you can book a private group and pick the day and time of your choice.  Get ahold of Judi here!

The Details

The classes are held inside the showroom of Mannequin Madness where there are plenty of mannequin heads to use as a canvas for designing your headdress. Mannequin Madness is operated by Judi Townsend who hires local artists to teach the class. One of the artists, Hector Villacorta, teaches the class in Spanish. Check out all these gorgeous creations!


Judi channels great hospitality!  She provides snacks and refreshments for your party while you’re crafting your DIY floral headdress. Also, when you walk in you’re welcomed with such grace and made to feel right at home. There is a kitchen too if you want to have a headdress making potluck combo.

Don’t just take our word for it: Judi says “the Headdress Workshop is a great way to ease stress and as well as create new memories with your loved ones as you do something fun together.” There is even a photo studio in the showroom so you can have your own private photo shoot with your family and friends once you’ve finished your floral crown.

Need more inspiration (or some distraction?!), check out these killer quince flower crowns! 


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