Having Fun While Organizing Your Quince: Reunite with Friends and Family!

You will soon be turning 15 years old, and you want to have a huge party but you don’t know where to start organizing your Quince?Don’t worry!

We know that to plan these types of celebrations it is usually a long process and one that requires a lot of constant supervision over every element that forms the event. For example, the color and style of your dress, the place of the event, the catering, the music, the decorations, etc. However, it doesn’t mean that planning and having an event as big as a quinceañera should be boring. On the contrary, you can make this moment something unique with the participation of your friends and family. Do you want to know how? Take a look below!

Let’s start organizing this party!

In respect to all the elements that will be part of the event, you should know that the decisions should be yours (well, for the most part). If you happen to have a doubt in regards to any detail, don’t forget that you can ask for advice and help from your family and friends. The most important thing to remember when planning your event is making sure you feel happy and comfortable, surrounded by the people you love the most.

Your loved ones can participate in this moment.

Deciding on everything for your quinceañera, ensuring that the things that you choose contribute to your overall vision, and ensuring that you double check everything to make sure it is on time and per your standard, can create a lot of work for you. So, why don’t you ask your friends and family to join this part of the adventure? Yes! The suggestion to ask them to help you is so the planning process can be easier on you, but also so you can spend a great time planning your major milestone with the people you find most important.  

The idea of having them help you consists in uniting the people that are willing to help you, dividing them into groups, and then assigning a task for them to supervise the development of said task. This way, everything will be more simple and quick.

Create a small agenda that contains even the smallest detail.

The agenda can be structured like a little calendar, in where you can set dates to make revisions of each task, as well as set meetings with each group to go over the status of each task. That way you can keep track of which tasks are still left to complete.

Having the help of your friends and family will also contribute to the memories surrounding your quinceañera, creating good memories together.

Remember to take pictures, so that way you can remember these moments in the future, too! You can put them in your quinceañera scrapbook album.

The most important task of all, don’t forget, is to have fun and enjoy your grand day!


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