Your Quinceanera Guest List: Who to Invite and How to Choose

The time has come to face the Quinceanera guest list! You can do this! We believe in you! We also have some guidelines for you, because buckling down and not inviting the whole world can actually be quite challenging.

Don’t be afraid to be slightly “harsh” when it comes to your guest list. Remember, it is YOUR event, and being selective is not necessarily a bad thing. Most of your major choices (venue, reception, location, menu) will greatly depend on your guest list.

We hope these tips help you put together your Quinceanera guest list so that all your loved ones can be with you on your special day!

Two Lists

It can make your life easier if you start by creating two lists–the first will be your “wish” list with all the family and friends you would love to have present. Then, make that list into two lists–one with family and friends that you absolutely have to have present, and the other with the invitees in order of importance.

Yes, we know, it sounds harsh! But for organization sake, it will be better to split them up this way. If you find that you are over your limit, you can send invites to all the guests on the A list, and once you’ve gotten back a number of responses regretting their ability to attend, you can begin inviting guests on your B list.

Just make sure you send your invitations with plenty of time! No one wants to receive an invite a week before the wedding.

Quinceanera Invitation with Candy BarCutting Criteria

Although it can be hard, there needs to be some kind of criteria for trimming your guest list down. Some ideas can be cutting any kids under age 10, not inviting extended family beyond first cousins, not adding a “plus-one” to your single friends unless they’re in a serious relationship, or cutting all co-workers.

The reason narrowing down your guest list could be important is because the more guests, the more you will need to spend on the food and venue. This may not always be ideal as it can limit how much you can spend on other things, like flowers and decor. It is ultimately up to you and your significant other, so make sure you are both agreed on the guest list and how to handle the trimming it down if necessary.

Feeling guilty? Don’t.

Do not feel obligated to invite every person you have ever met since childhood. A wedding is not the time to reunite every acquaintance. Don’t feel bad if you run into someone whom you haven’t seen in years that you didn’t invite to the event, even if they invited you to theirs!

Invite people who matter most to you now, otherwise you may end up inviting anyone you ever met! On a similar note, set boundaries with parents! This can be a sensitive and sometimes delicate thing to navigate, especially if one of the parents is helping fund your event and asks for a large part of the guest list.

Remember, this is your event! Maybe the solution will be to lengthen the guest list, and have the parent cover the costs of the overflow. In general, be resolute in your guest list decisions.


Quinceanera Guest List and Venue Size

Small Venue Problems?

Sometimes, you will find that there is more room at your reception venue than the ceremony. For example, your ceremony is in a small church that only fits 150, followed by a reception in a large hall that fits 1,000. Consider inviting some of your invitees to only the reception if this is a concern.

What this would mean you would send out an invitation to all your guests with the phrase “We will be having a small ceremony, followed by a reception at [venue address]”. For those that are invited to both ceremony and reception, include additional details on a smaller card with the address and time of the ceremony.

As you choose your guest list, remember the people who have most influenced your life, who have helped you during difficult times, and who deeply care for you. Those are the ones that matter the most because, after all, it is your event! You should be surrounded with love and encouragement! We hope these quinceanera guest list tips can help you do just that!


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