Hiring A Choreographer

You’re in the middle of planning your quinceanera. Suddenly, it hits you: it might be a good idea to hire a choreographer. You or your mother may be envisioning a huge, jaw-dropping dance routine, and hiring a professional might be your best bet to accomplish that dream. Let’s get ready to rumba (see what we did there?!), and cover the deets on hiring a choreographer.

In the midst of planning for a choreographer, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Hiring A Choreographer:

Does It Fit Your Budget?

Typically, hiring a choreographer will cost $18-$60 an hour. This depends on skill level and the difficulty of the dances you choose, as well as your location (Think downtown LA vs. Nowhereville, Illinois). Most quince queens choose to choreograph two routines. In order to fully learn the dances, this can take about 20 hours of practice over the course of a few months. Plan to be somewhere in the range of $360-$1200. If you have room in your budget and it’s something you have your heart set on, a choreographer may be an excellent investment to make during the quinceanera planning to make sure this day is full of more good memories to cherish.

Does It Make Sense For Your Plan?

Your celebration will traditionally include a dance with your father (or another man of honor in your life) a waltz, an exit waltz, and surprise dance. Choreographers can be hired to choreograph all of these or just the surprise dance. You can choose from a multitude of dance styles, including samba to swing to bachata to salsa. How many dances you’d like to hire a choreographer for is up to you and your parents: some girls choose to have a professional plan all the dances, some just choreograph one dance.

Do You Have A Place To Dance?

Depending on your court, you will have 10-15 people all learning these dances. You will need adequate space to learn the moves, and to have space to spread out. If possible bring the shoes you’ll be dancing in, so you’re comfortable when the day of the big event comes. It’s also best if you practice somewhere that has similar flooring to your venue, so you don’t have a slipping mishap on your hands … well, feet rather.

Who Needs To Be There?

When you ask your court to support you, you should have prepared them about the dancing, so it won’t be a shock when it’s time to start practicing. Try to plan in advance the days and times everyone can meet, including the choreographer. Make sure you have the practice space arranged as well. You want to make sure you and your court have enough time to learn the dances, so try to give yourself a few months with 2-3 practices each.

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