Hollywood Themed Quinceañera Ideas

Lights, Camera, QUINCE!

Have you always dreamed of walking on the alfombra roja? Or winning an Oscar, a Grammy or even a Premio Lo Nuestro award? Well, we have some amazing ideas to help you throw the ULTIMATE Hollywood themed quinceañera!

We want you, the Quince Queen, to feel like a true celebrity on your big night! We have ideas on decor, cakes, desserts, makeup, hair, dresses, and more! Make sure to read our Hollywood theme quinceañera guide below!


A Hollywood Themed Quinceañera is usually full of gold, red, and black colors. Some of the iconic Hollywood symbols include the following:

  • Rope Railing
  • Red Carpet
  • Movie Reels
  • Red Carpets
  • Oscar/Grammy/Academic/Premio lo Nuestro/Golden Awards
  • Popcorn
  • 3D Glasses (ooh modern day)
  • Tickets
  • Film
  • Movie theater seats
  • Gold Stars
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can also include these symbols to your cake and desserts (see below)!

Cake & Desserts

Read our tips below on how to add your Hollywood theme to your quinceañera cake, desserts, or dulces:

  • Use movie reels, movie clips, gold trophies, and popcorn as cake toppers
  • Add some Hollywood city landscapes to one of the sheets
  • Decorate star shaped cookies
  • Chocolate covered strawberries as tuxedos

You can also refer back to the list under DECOR to see how you could incorporate it to your cakes and desserts.


It’s your big day so remember: you can do your Hollywood themed quinceañera hair and makeup however you want! You are the Quince Queen after all! Swipe through our gallery to see a few CLASSIC Hollywood makeup and hair ideas below:

  • Makeup look tips: We recommend a BOLD, RED, lipstick with a smokey eye! It’s the most iconic red carpet look!
  • Hair Tips: Try doing the famous Hollywood waves! They are super classy and will always be in style!



Here are some ideas on how to dress your Chambelanes for you Hollywood themed quinceañera:

  • Black Suits
  • Red or Gold Tie
  • Black Dress Shoes

Remember, your Chambelán de Honor should always stand out among your court. We recommend a white suit for him!

Here are some ideas on how to dress your beautiful Damas for your Hollywood themed quinceañera:

  • Black, Red, Gold, Champagne Dresses
  • Tulle Skirts
  • Sequin Dresses


You want to be the star of the night, so try to be as glamorous as possible! Think about whether you want to do an old Hollywood glam look or a sleek modern Hollywood look.

Try incorporating the following into your Hollywood themed quinceañera dresses:

  • Sequins
  • Feathers
  • Lace
  • Satin
  • Satin gloves

You can also dress up as one of your favorite Hollywood movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe, María Félix or Audrey Hepburn!

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Below are a few fun extras that you can incorporate during your Hollywood themed quinceañera! We think it would be a great idea to incorporate these extras to engage your guests!

  • Rent a Photo Booth: Make sure to engage your guests during your quince! Remember to also purchase cool photo props that they can use!
    • Hollywood Photo Booth props:
      • Bead necklaces
      • Feather boas
      • Hats
      • Glasses
      • Popcorn
      • Movie Reels
      • Film Strips
      • Gold Trophy
  • Red Carpet: Include a red carpet to your decor! Have your photographer or someone else capture pictures as your guests walk in! Make them feel like superstars too!
  • Grand Entrance: Have your chambelanes roll out a red carpet, and have the rest of your court take pictures of you walking in!
  • Cameras: Leave disposable cameras at each of your guest’s table and have them be the “paparazzi” during your quince!
  • Trophies: If you have a padrinos dance, give each one of your padrinos a “gold trophy” as a thank you for helping you out. This will also save you from sending thank you notes!


Check out these Hollywood themed quinceañeras in action on their big day! Do you love the photos? Make sure to click the link below to hire Patricia as your Quince photographer! She travels anywhere in the U.S!


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