How To Use Mi Padrino

Mi Padrino is the leading platform to help Hispanic families plan quinceañeras, weddings, and more!
This video details how to use Mi Padrino for any event you are planning!

If you’re just getting started in planning your quince, you might want to check out this step-by-step checklist!

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I don’t have a chase bank account and I don’t want to use WePay for my deposits. Is there an alternative to receiving the funds from my Padrinos?

Hi Rachel, Right now those are our only 2 options. WePay is really easy to use and you get the funds really quickly deposited into your bank account, which doesn’t have to be a Chase account. You can take cash or check payments and log them manually as offline payments on your dashboard if you’d like. We are looking at adding Paypal too in the future. Hopefully this helps! Happy Planning!!!!!

If I placed a order on Mi Padrino how can I track when my order will arrive or how will I know when it will be shipped?

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