How To Choose Your Quinceañera Court

 Talk With Your Parents

Figuring out how to choose your quiceañera court is a vital part of the planning. While this party is definitely about you, your parents will likely have some stipulations, especially since they are probably paying for a lot of it! So, before you make any big choices about your court, take some time to talk with your parents. They might have some strong opinions on how many friends you can include, and they might have some relatives you must include. Take it in stride!


Make a List

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Once you’ve gone over some stipulations with your parents, it’s time to make a list. Write down all the friends and family members you are considering having on your court, including those your parents want you to include. While looking at your list, you might start to see a pattern, such as having more boys than girls. If this is the case, it will help you decide if you’d like to have an all male or all female court.

Consider your Schedule

Being part of a quinceañera can be quite a bit of work, so when you are planning how to choose your quinceañera court, keep this in mind. As a member of the court, you have to dedicate yourself to dance classes, dress or tux fittings, and planning meetings. If you have someone on your list who usually too busy to hang out, or already has a lot of commitments, you might consider cutting them from your list! You’ll need to have friends on your court who can be there to support you through the entire planning process.

Lose the Drama

You likely already have someone in mind… Your dear, dear friend who just happens to be followed by drama. It will help you immensely down the road if you can cut your dramatic friend from your list– especially if she happens to butt heads with some of your other court choices. Dance rehearsals will be 100% more enjoyable if you leave the drama out of it!

Make Meaningful Choices

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Your quinceañera is all about your journey into adulthood. The friends you have on your court should be significant to you and they should represent something in that journey. If you have a few friends on your list who are more like casual acquaintances, you can start shortening that list!

So there you are, now you know how to choose your quinceañera court. Just keep making adjustments until you have the perfect quince court. Then, when you’re finished, don’t forget to get it approved by your parents! Then, choose some cute court-posals to ask your friends!

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