How To Find a Photographer That Captures Your Needs

Finding a Photographer That Captures Your Needs

If you are wondering what to ask on finding a photographer that captures your needs, look no further! We’ve teamed up with Diego’s Photography from Atlanta, Georgia to tell you the most important things to think about when trying to find a quinceañera photographer that fits your needs and style.

We at Mi Padrino absolutely love our vendors, because they know every important detail and each tip that can help make your quinceañera or event a dream come true. We sat down with Diego Salcedo, the artist behind the lens, to really detail out the different things you need to know. If you are in need of a photographer in your area, check out our favorites on our local vendor platform!

Girl poses with a rose for her quinceañera.

A picture is made, not just taken.

We love Diego’s motto that “a picture is made, not just taken”. Your photographer should be an artist, not just a business-person. You need to make sure that your photographer has a passion for your quince photos because the pictures from your event will help you (and your family) remember it for years to come. They should be excited about your photos and able to share their plans for your vision and style. Look through their past client photos and see if they capture the moment like you want it!

The cheapest option is not your friend.

You’ll likely have to give-and-take money from different areas of your overall budget in order to stay on track with your spending. Make sure that you allot more money to your photography than you think you should because the cheapest option is not always best! Do your research online, or via word of mouth, about cheaper vendors before you make the mistake of hiring them and being disappointed.

A girl poses for quinceañera photos.

Know the value of your quinceañera photos.

You will look back on your photos more than you’ll ever look at your dress, your crown, or any other element that goes into your quinceañera. Photos can bring you right back to that special moment that you shared with your parents, tios, padrinos, and more. You do not want to go the cheap route here; remember, you only get one shot at capturing these pictures for the rest of your lifetime.

Your photographers should be flexible.

Diego’s Photography offers custom pricing for all events. Why? Because every single person is different and needs different things from their photographer. While this takes a little extra effort on the photographer’s part, it’s very nice to know that you aren’t paying for extra things that you don’t need or want.

Ask the right questions the first time.

Make sure you ask the right questions before hiring your quinceañera photographer. A lot of people forget to ask simple questions like, “Will you be the photographer at my event?” and end up being surprised by a random photographer they’ve never talked to on the day of their event… What if your personalities don’t mesh? In the case of sickness or emergencies, your photographer should have a back-up plan, but you should be able to meet the second photographer, or at least be aware of this from the beginning. Open communication is so important. For a full list of important questions to ask photographers, check out our checklist here.

A girl poses for her quinceañera.

Find a photographer who can direct you.

If you aren’t super comfortable posing or are a little shy, it can make a huge difference to have a photographer who knows that and can direct you on where to go and what to do in a way that works for you. This can take a lot of pressure off you and can help them get the absolute best picture of you! It’s not just a click of a camera, there’s a lot of magic that goes into this! Take advantage of your photographer – they have years of experience doing this! Diego loves to direct people and bring out the best in his clients.

Meet with your potential photographers before you hire them.

It’s important to meet with your photographer(s) before you make that final decision, to make sure that their personality matches well with you. You can also take this time to look through past photos, see their studio, and observe their style. You want to find someone who wants you as a client for life, not just someone who sees your event as a quick way to make a few dollars.

Every event is special, no matter how small.

Make sure your photographer knows how important this day is to you, even if there are only 10 people invited! It’s a big day, and they should treat you just as special as someone with 1,000 guests and a huge budget.

We hope these tips can help you when you’re finding a photographer that captures your needs. If you are in the Atlanta or surrounding areas, be sure to check out Diego’s Photography. His pictures and experience will surely impress you, and he’s even bilingual too!

Happy planning, Quince Queens!

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