How To Pull Off Masquerade Ball Theme For Your Quinceañera

Mi Padrino’s very own Yuli helped us out to talk about the theme she used in her quince!

Are you looking for a dark & twisty, yet elegant theme for your quince? Something so mysterious that will keep your guests wondering? If that’s the case, keep reading amigos because we’re excited to introduce to you:

Masquerade Ball

This theme brings back so many memories; it was the theme I used for my quinceañera! Most quinces use light and warm colors, which can be very girly. That just wasn’t me! I wanted something dark and unique, but elegant. I also wanted to keep the traditional elements of a quinceañera. So, whenever my mom asked, “What do you want your theme to be?” I could only think about this one. It’s filled with dark color palettes, eye-catching decor, elegance, and drama!

Red Quince Masquerade Mask


You can use a combination of colors that best suit you. We recommend staying on the darker side of things! Colors such as black, grey, purple and red really make this theme POP! You could also add some greens and golds in there to add a Mardi Gras feel! If you want to go Phantom of the Opera route, try adding some red, gold, and white color combos.


You can do so much with this theme! As stated before, just make sure you keep on the darker side of things. You want the ambiance to feel mysterious and dark because that’s what the masquerade theme is all about! Try adding darker lighting, but not too dark to the point where you won’t be able to see. Adding candles to the centerpieces can aid with this. We also recommend adding feathers and pearls to your decor!


I’m pretty sure this was my favorite part of the theme because masks are so much fun and can be used for so much! I actually included it in almost everything.. And I mean everything! Below are a few suggestions that we think would be a great fit for them:
Masquerade Quinceañera

  • Include them in your invitations
  • Use them as decor
  • Include masks at guest tables in case they want to join the fun
  • Make your court wear them (for the waltz and pictures)
  • Use as a cake topper


We picked out dresses that we think would go perfectly with this Masquerade theme! These dresses are elegant, beautiful and dramatic! Check them out below!

You can also contact us if you need help or have any questions with placing your order! Let us know how you liked this theme on Facebook and Instagram!

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