How To Put A Dress On

Your Gran Dia is coming up and you have almost everything ready (we hope). You have the shoes, jewelry, and most importantly, the dress. Whether it be your boda or your quince dress, you’re going to need some help putting it on. Don’t worry! We are going to teach you how to put a dress on, either over the head or the stepping in method. Let’s get you in that gown!

How To Get Your Dress On

Before you even think about putting your dress on, you’re going to need a couple of things that will help you keep your gown clean throughout the process, especially if it’s a white gown.

A Clean Sheet (white, if it’s a white or light-colored gown). You want something to be able to lay your gown on while you’re getting ready. This will help with it not getting any lint, dust, or dog hair on it.

A Light Scarf – You will need this if you’re doing the over-the-head method. This helps prevent your dress from getting makeup on it and ruining your hair.

A Clean Towel – While you’re getting ready, you may get hungry. Put a towel around your neck and anywhere food may fall so your dress stays clean.

Stepping In or Over-the-Head Method?

There are two ways to put on your gown. First, you could step into the dress, but with some dresses that option isn’t the easiest. So, the second option, to put it on over your head, may work better for you.

Stepping In

Step 1: Have the dress fully unbuttoned, unzipped, and/or untied. There may be hidden snaps for you to undo as well.

Step 2: Have your madre, madrinas, and/or damas help you in step into the dress. PRO TIP: Have your heels in the center of the dress, so when you step in, you can easily slip your feet into your heels. If you have a petticoat, here is a great tip. Put the petticoat underneath the gown and step into both at the same time! This will save tons of time.

Step 3: Finally, have someone lace, button, or zip you up. Voila!

Over the Head

Step 1: If you have a petticoat, be sure to put that on first.

Step 2: You are going to want to place the scarf over your head so that way you don’t any makeup marks on your beautiful dress.

Step 3: Next, get help from at least two people to hold the dress over you. Lift up your arms and slowly have them place the gown down.

Step 4: Adjust and have someone lace, button or zip you up!

If you are confused on any of these steps, check this video out showing you exactly how to put on a dress!

Hopefully, this article helps all you future Brides and Quinceaneras with getting your amazing dresses on! Also, one final tip, after you finally have your dress on, take a second to fully look in the mirror and appreciate yourself.

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Happy planning, quince queens!


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