How To Steam A Quinceañera Dress

One of the things you may not think about while planning your quinceanera is steaming your quince dress. Some quinceanera dress boutiques include steaming in a package price, but many do not, and it can be pretty expensive. It’s important to steam your quince dress because it will be wrinkly from living in a garment bag leading up to your quinceanera. Learn how to steam a quinceanera dress in this quick guide!

How To Steam A Quinceanera Dress

  1. We recommend getting a steamer to steam your dress at home. You can get one of these anywhere from $30+.
  2. Fill up the steamer to the recommended level with bottled water, not sink water.
  3. Once the steamer is warmed up, put the steamer on the inside of the dress. Not all dresses should be steamed!
  4. Start steaming the dress in the small area to make sure that the fabric will not react badly to the steam.
    (Check out the video below at 2:10 to see this process)
  5. Once you are sure the dress will not be damaged, you can begin steaming the exterior of the dress.
  6. Avoid holding the steamer in one spot. Work quickly around the dress in small circles.
  7. Continue working around the dress in small circles, refilling the steamer as needed.
  8. If your dress has multiple layers, start with the inner most layers and work your way out. If they are thin layers, you may be able to do two or three at a time.
  9. It can take quite a long time to steam a dress, up to several hours. You may want to enlist in some help from your loved ones!

Check out the video below to see an example of steaming a dress, (she begins around 2:10).


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