Important Budgeting Tips to Know When Planning Your Event

Person filling out an event planning workbookHaving a super special, magical day is what every girl and woman dreams of when they have their quinceañera or wedding. However, reality suddenly hits, and you’re left wondering how you’re going to make this wonderful event that you’ve been wishing for forever to happen. To help you stay on track with your event budget, we created a list of the most necessary budgeting tips that any person having an event could use!

Clearly Define Your Budget

When having an event, many people really don’t clearly outline and set a budget. It’s important to plan a budget by category to make it easy to see where most your money will go to. That way, you can accurately plan for your event and ensure you don’t overspend on the big-ticket items that could affect the budget of categories with a smaller budget. It is always better to have extra money at the end and not be at or over budget.

Choose the Items You NEED Instead of WANT

This point is surprisingly hard to keep in check. You know what you like, you know what you are envisioning, but once you see the price tag, you get sticker shock. One thing you could do is to make a list of everything you want for your event and include actual or good estimated prices for those items. Then, if the total of the items is too high, whittle your list down by choosing the items you really think would be important to your event.

Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

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Along with the previous point, make sure you always keep an open mind. While you may want certain things and have them perfect for your event, there might be a less expensive alternative that looks similar or that you could add the finishing details to in order to reduce costs. Compromise on the things you know won’t make a huge difference in your special event.


When researching items, install price watchers for items you want that are online. That way, you can see if you are really getting a good deal or are overpaying for items. The price watcher will also allow you to see any trends in the price data, so if you can tell that the prices might be dropping soon, you could wait until then to make your purchase.

If you have been really good at watching your expenses and you see that you have leftover money, either save it or use it for another category of expenses for your event. The extra money might allow you to choose the dress you really want, or be able to invite more people to your event. If you choose to save it, you should be really proud of yourself too for doing such a good job at planning your event!

We hope you learned some important lessons from these budgeting tips! Its super important to you to have the perfect event, but it’s also equally as important to save money where you can. Start the next step in your life on a good foot forward.


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