Keep Calm and Party On: Emergency Preparations for your Event

It’s almost time for your big day! Have you been having nightmares about all the things that could go wrong? Don’t panic! We are here to make your special day everything you ever imagined.

Be prepared for anything so you can have a flawless event.

Mi Padrino is here to help you remember all the little things, from your very first login at Mi Padrino, down to the day of your celebration and beyond. Things are bound to be forgotten and there are a million things that could go wrong. Having a good emergency kit can save you from having any potential disasters.

We’ve all experienced disasters – we are just helping you prevent them!

We’ve all seen the spilled drinks, ripped trains, or buttons come off dresses. We can help you avoid that. Have a headache? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Did sequins fall off your dress when Uncle Julio tried showing you his signature dance move? We can’t make him stop dancing, but we can make sure you have what you need to fix any issue that comes your way!

List of must-haves for your emergency kit:


Baby Powder Deodorant Kleenex
Lip Balm/Gloss Hair Spray Hem Tape
Bobby Pins Pads/Tampons Band-Aids
Nail File Hand Crème Super Glue
Nail Polish Remover Toothbrush Stain Remover
Nail Polish Floss Lint Roller
Brush and Comb Advil Safety Pins
Face Oil-blotting Sheets Pepto Bismol Static Guard
Travel Mirror Tylenol Sewing Kit
Cotton Swabs Antacid Tablets Extra Earring Backs


If you don’t have time to create one, we still have you covered.

Ideas for an emergency day of kit

Making your emergency day-of-kit is easy if you have the time to make one! If you don’t have time to put one together, there’s a kit that’s got you completely covered. The one we swear by is With You In Mind. You can get the super-kit on Amazon here:

More ideas for an emergency day of kit

Are you traveling far to your venue, or working in a tight budget? There is also a mini-kit approved for air travel that is both budget-conscious and perfect for on-the-go use. Get it here:


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