La Hora Loca

What Is Hora Loca?

First thing’s first, hora loca in Spanish directly translates to “crazy hour” in English. Why is it called the crazy hour, you might ask? Well, it’s literally an hour of extra hardcore partying within the party itself. This Hora Loca trend has become increasingly popular in both weddings and quinceañeras as the time where you grab your damas, your chambelanes, your padrinos, your tias, your cousins, and ESPECIALLY your “tio borracho” (we all know there’s always that one tio) and lead them straight to the dance floor! The DJ will be blasting music and lighting up the room! There will be props and entertainers that all your guests will enjoy, so you can let loose and really go loca!

Where Did It Start?

Around 25 years ago, a Venezuelan couple actually celebrated New Years in Spain and loved the crazy atmosphere, which involved loud music, crazy costumes, and high energy vibes! They brought this idea back to Venezuela and incorporated this crazy party into weddings! This idea has since been taking off in many other countries and cultures, and we have recently been seeing an increasing number of quinceañeras and weddings adopting it in the United States!

When Is La Hora Loca?

You can ultimately have your crazy hour whenever you want, but there are two main ways that we’ve seen people doing it. First, after you do ALL the traditional elements of your wedding or run through each and every one of your quinceanera traditions, such as your father daughter dance and family toasts, you can quickly and abruptly transition into your Hora Loca! This will totally revive the party and get everyone out of their chairs! Another option is to have it take place more towards the end of your party. If and when you start to feel the energy is dying down, it can be a great “alarm clock” to help tell people the party isn’t over yet!

Hora Loca Props & Entertainment

It isn’t a true Hora Loca celebration without some fun props and even a couple performers that you and your guests can enjoy! Here are 2 lists full of ideas that you can incorporate into your “Crazy Hour”!

Props to include at your Hora Loca at your quinceañera or wedding:

  • Masks
  • Balloons
  • Noise Makers
  • Silly String
  • Beach Balls
  • Pool Noodles
  • Necklace Beads
  • Crazy Hats
  • Whistles
  • Drums
  • Feather Boas

Entertainment that you can incorporate in your Crazy Hour as well:

  • Stilt walkers
  • Dancers
  • LED Robots
  • Drummers
  • Clowns
  • Mimes

You can save money on entertainers by just buying props yourself and sitting down with your DJ to create a Hora Loca Playlist!

Hora Loca entertainers
Credit: CKM Photography

Need ideas on what songs to include in your “Hora Loca Playlist”? Check us out on Spotify!




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