5 Last Minute Planning Tips for the Perfect Event

The last few weeks leading up to your event will be a bit stressful, no doubt. They will also go by faster than you can believe! To make the most of this time, we’ve come up with a few planning strategies.


1. Delegate, Delegate, and Delegate

We understand that this can be very difficult for all the perfectionist planners out there. However, if you can learn to give up a little bit of control, those last few weeks of planning will be so much more pleasant. Most women are surrounded by family and friends during this time who are more than happy to help. Assign the simple, time-consuming tasks, like putting stickers on favors, to those who are willing to help.

2. Try It On

When you get your dress back from your seamstress, try on your entire ensemble. You don’t necessarily need to do your hair and makeup, but try to imagine it together. If you’re planning to have an updo, put your hair up in a bun so you can see how your dress looks in the back. This is your chance to make sure everything looks perfect and to make any tweaks needed.

3. Wrap It Up

As soon as you have the gifts for your wedding party and parents, wrap them. Write out nice cards for each person in your party and anyone who is helping to pay for the event. This will be a huge help when it comes to the day of the rehearsal. You will have everything prepared and you won’t be scrambling to get the gifts wrapped!

4. Take Note & Call

This is a two-part tip. First, you need to make sure that during the weeks leading up to your big day, you’re keeping track of any changes you make and all important details that your vendors need to know. It’s easiest if you have a planning book for your event that you can add details to whenever you remember.

Secondly, two days before your event, call every one of your vendors. You will want to double check that they have your event address and the correct times. Go over all the details you might be worried about and share any changes that you have for them. This will drastically reduce your stress as you won’t be worried about little things, like whether your DJ will remember his set up time on your big day!

5. Plan to Relax

Schedule everything non-relaxing that you possibly can before the rehearsal day. All the little tasks that don’t seem like they would take too long, tend to get put off until the last minute. Choose to get these things out of the way a few days in advance. Then, the day before your event will be all about relaxing, pampering yourself and attending your rehearsal.  This will help you out a lot in case something big comes up, and it will reduce your chances of a stress-induced zit on your big day!



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