Mexican Themed Quinceañera

There is something about the bright colors, great music, and amazing food that can take us back to Mexico’s amazing culture. One of the many ways young girls connect to their roots is by having a Mexican themed quinceanera. Check out the Mexican themed quinceanera inspiration we have for you below!

Mexican Themed Quinceanñera
Credit: jnogales_photography

Decor Ideas:

Do you need inspiration on how you’re going to decorate your Mexican quinceañera theme party? Check out the list of ideas below!

  • Papel Picado
  • Sombreros
  • Horse Shoes
  • Bright Paper Flowers
  • Mini Pinatas
  • Cactuses
  • Loteria Cards
  • Maracas
  • Guitars
  • Piggy Banks
  • Molcajetes as Centerpieces
  • Sarapes as Table Linens
  • Different Cans for flower arrangements
  • Tequila Bottles for flower arrangements
  • Jarrito Bottles for flower arrangements

We love these charro decorations from The Palace by KIS Events! Check them out here.


For your Mexican quinceañera theme, you should definitely try incorporating the following into your beauty glam!

  • Bold, Red Lips
  • Smokey eyes
  • Half up, Half down Hairstyles
  • BIG tiaras

Court Attire:

You want to make sure your court is looking their best with this theme! Here are some ideas on how to dress your beautiful damas and chambelanes for your Mexican themed quinceañera:

  • Damas
    • Traditional Colorful Mexican Dresses
    • White Dresses with different colored rebosos
    • Handmade Embroidered Mexican Belts
    • Dresses with Embroidered flowers
    • Off the shoulder Dresses
    • Flower Crowns/Headbands
  • Chambelanes
    • Charro Monos (Bows)
    • Western Shirts
    • Jeans (Yes, your chambelanes can get away with jeans for this theme)
    • Cowboy Boots


Try incorporating the following dress styles into your Mexican themed quinceañera dresses:

  • Puebla Styled Dresses
  • Embroidered Dresses
  • Floral Embroidered Detailing
  • Florals Accents
  • Religious Figures (Ex. Virgen de Guadalupe)

Keep scrolling to check out some of the dresses we sell online! 

Cake, Desserts & More

Check out the list of comidas below for what to add your Mexican theme quince. Check out the cake inspiration in the pictures below!

  • Salsa Bar
  • Taco Truck
  • Aguas (Flavored Water Station)
    • Horchata
    • Jamaica
    • Pina
  • Conchas and Pan (Bread)
  • Churros & Valentina
  • Mexican Candy

Fun Extras

Having a Mexican themed quinceanera can be super fun. This theme has some unique elements that you can incorporate to make it your own. The possibilities are endless! Check out these ideas that you could add into your party:

  • Instead of an ultima muñeca, do an ultima piñata! It is soooo much fun, and you can involve all the little kids at the party.
  • Do a zapateado for your baile sorpresa
  • A zapateado on a wooden board (This is a traditions done in some parts of Mexico such as Michoacan).
  • Hire a Mariachi band
  • Baile Folkoricos for entertainment
  • Arrive to your Reception on a horse
  • Recuerdos (Check out our recuerdos that we sell here.)
    • Rosaries
    • Bracelets

Need more inspiration? Check out our Mexican themed quinceanera board on our Pinterest.

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